Pesky Penis Pimples Keeping the Pecker Acne-Free

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    Nov 02, 2013
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Pesky Penis Pimples Keeping the Pecker Acne-Free Photo by John Dugan

Few people are lucky enough to mature through adolescence without enduring a pimple or two….or twenty. Unfortunately, acne can leave equally prominent physical, as well as emotional scars - in terms of loss of self-esteem or self-confidence - on those who struggled with it. Most people believe that when one hits adulthood one will no longer have to deal with pimples and blackheads ever again, and while it is true that the incidence of adult acne is much lower and with less severity and frequency than the adolescent variety, many people never fully escape its red, bumpy grip. So what happens when a pimple appears in the least pimple-friendly of all areas - the penis? Learn more about the perils of penis pimples and how to keep the penis healthy.

Is a penis pimple different from a face pimple?

Not markedly, no. A penis pimple can very much resemble a face pimple in color, size and consistency, which should make it fairly easy to spot - though still shocking when it is located below the belt. Penis pimples develop because this hot, sweaty, bacteria-filled location is a perfect breeding ground for the little buggers. They can also form in the hair follicle or appear as the product of an ingrown hair which has become infected.

How are they treated?

The same basic rules that apply to caring for the face apply to caring for the penis. A penis should be washed gently with mild soap and warm water on a daily basis to rid if of dirt, grime and sweat buildup. Just like those on the face, penis pimples should not be pinched, popped, poked or prodded, as messing with them is likely to push bacteria into the pimples, which can actually make them worse. Though it is tempting to go to town and try to rid oneself of the bump, it will heal much faster if a warm compress is applied to it and it is otherwise left to heal. Unlike facial acne, a man should not put any acne medication on the area unless expressly instructed to do so by a doctor. The confined nature of a man’s underoo’s -whether boxers or briefs - makes it likely that the acne meds will rub off on the underwear and could transfer to the urethral opening -- which will not only burn with the fire of a thousand suns, but could cause a serious infection.

What if it is not a pimple?

There are instances in which a pimple is not a pimple. Any time a penis bump does not clear up on its own, or start looking better in a day or so, it is a wise decision to make a call to the doc. A penis bump - or several bumps - could be an indication of a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. If the bump is not causing any pain and seems to be lessening, it’s probably okay to breath easy. However, if the bump becomes itchy, pussy, bleeds, blisters, cracks, is painful, or is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, it is time to go to the doc right away. A doc may be able to diagnose the bump at first sight, but will likely swab it or test it to determine if it is caused by infection. If the bump is just a pimple, it is unlikely to need further treatment unless it has become seriously infected or irritated. If it is something more severe, he can prescribe an antibiotic or other medication to clear it up.

Can they be prevented?

The best way to prevent unwanted penis pimples is to keep the area clean, as bacteria and sweat definitely contribute to growth of acne. Showering after intense workouts and sex can also keep away unwanted bacteria. Adding a penis vitamin formula containing vitamin A (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can also help reduce the incidence of pimples naturally - and without harsh chemicals like peroxide or salicylic acid. Simply apply after cleansing the area in the shower and enjoy a clean, pimple free pecker!

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