Swollen Penis Relief - Easy Steps to Soothe a Throbbing Member

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    Sep 26, 2013
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Swollen Penis Relief - Easy Steps to Soothe a Throbbing Member Photo by John Dugan

Swollen penis? No need to panic; the vast majority of men who develop swelling in the glans or foreskin have nothing seriously wrong. A swollen, throbbing package is no picnic, though, and some emergency care can go a long way toward relieving penis pain and bringing down the swelling.

A healthy penis is a happy penis, so some of the more common causes of a swollen penis and a few no-nonsense tips for soothing it back to health are described below.

Step 1. Stop the action.

When penis swelling occurs, whether during masturbation or sex or sometime later, it is important to halt all activity until the source of the problem has been identified. Rough handling can easily cause swelling, so there is usually no cause for alarm unless accompanied by severe pain and/or bruising. In this case, immediate medical attention is required.

However, continuing to stroke or thrust when the penile skin is already swelling is only likely to make the problem worse, so it really is important to take a break and refrain from any further activity until the swelling subsides and things are back to normal.

Men who experience frequent problems with a swollen penis, especially directly following masturbation or sex, may consider using a personal lubricant to reduce the degree of friction to the skin. Swelling accompanied by a burning sensation, a whitish discharge, and/or the appearance of "cuts" on the skin’s surface may have a fungal infection and should be treated accordingly.

Step 2. Apply a cool compress.

To ease the pain and reduce the swelling, a cool compress can be applied to the affected area. Men who choose to use ice or a frozen gel pack for this should make sure to place a towel or soft cloth between the bare skin and the ice; otherwise, frostbite is a real possibility.

Step 3. Try anti-inflammatory medications.

For stubborn swelling and penis pain, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication may help. Topical analgesics are NOT recommended for the penis, but oral medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be effective. These should not be taken by men who are on other medications or who have health conditions that are counter-indicated for NSAIDS without the advice of a doctor.

Step 4. Get help.

In the event that a sudden injury occurs, or the swelling is accompanied by sudden, severe pain, or if it does not subside within a few hours, it is important to get qualified medical assistance. While most penile injuries are not serious, leaving them untreated can result in complications or loss of function over the long term, so it is best not to adopt a "wait and see" approach if there is considerable pain involved.

Men who have erections that last for several hours that are not the result of sexual stimulation should also seek medical attention, as blood trapped in the penis can result in permanent damage.

Step 5. Soothing emollients for extended healing and long-term care.

Once the underlying issue is resolved and the penis is on the mend, guys can turn to a longer-term solution for supporting good penis health and reducing the risk of further illness or injury.

A healthy penis starts with smooth, well-nourished skin that can resist external invaders. Moisturizing and providing essential nutrients for skin growth and repair at the cellular level are a key part of this process. A quality penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains natural emollients like vitamin E and shea butter, as well as vitamins A and C - both essential in the production of skin cells and connective tissue - is an easy way for men to ensure that the penis is getting the nutrition it needs to stay strong, heal fast, and develop a supple, resilient look and feel.

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