Surprising Facts about Penis Health and Aging - Shrinkage, Hair Loss, Color Change and More

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    Sep 16, 2013
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Surprising Facts about Penis Health and Aging - Shrinkage, Hair Loss, Color Change and More Photo by John Dugan

Growing older is one of life’s great inevitabilities. As the years tick by, the cells that make up the body slowly age, bringing on a gradual change in one’s overall appearance and ability to function. Muscles aren’t as defined as they once were, skin is not as tight, and things just don’t work in the same way they used to. Even still, a few more candles on the birthday cake doesn’t mean that a man can’t enjoy his favorite activities, provided he takes adequate care of himself. But penis care is one area of the aging body that men tend to overlook. Learn more about how a man can preserve his penis health so it acts as young as he feels on the inside.

4 Surprising Ways the Penis Ages

The male hormone testosterone is one of the driving forces behind a man’s sexual function. As levels of this hormone decline as a natural result of aging, a man can expect several changes to occur down there. Some of these changes may be expected, and others may be a big surprise.

1) It shrinks: Most guys will be very unhappy to learn that the penis does actually shrink over time. Luckily, in some cases, this can be prevented - and even reversed. One of the main reasons for a shrinking soldier is the accumulation of a fat pad on the lower abdomen; the fat actually grows around the penis, making it appear shorter, as the base of the shaft is now hidden. Losing the abdominal weight will, in fact, make the penis appear larger. Unfortunately, there can also be some shrinkage that a man can do nothing about, and over time the penis may appear smaller in both length and girth. The apparent cause of this size reduction is the buildup of plaque, or inelastic scar tissue surrounding the erectile chambers. This prevents the penis from reaching its original size during an erection and can cause a slight curvature to the firm manhood, as well.

2) It changes colors: No, nothing dramatic like green or orange, but the penis does often undergo a subtle shift in color as it ages. As circulation gradually diminishes, the purplish color often seen in the head of the penis (the product of an ample supply of blood) fades along with it. The head may take on a more natural fleshy color and match the rest of the goods, particularly when in a flaccid state.

3) It goes bald: It is no secret that as a man ages, he is more prone to baldness - sadly, the same is true for the rest of his body hair. As testosterone declines, a man’s pubic hair begins to thin out - good news for men who like a shaved sac, bad news for those who pride themselves on a thicket of hair. The balding effect may also reduce chest, back and armpit hair.

4) It becomes less sensitive: Being unable to achieve an erection, or orgasm for that matter, is a bummer for any man - not to mention for his partner. One of the contributing factors to this occurrence is a reduction of sensitivity. Simply put, if the penile nerves become slightly damaged, as they tend to do after years of masturbating and sex, the sensation is not the same as it once was; therefore, it is more difficult for the penis to reach a state of arousal.

Keeping the Penis Youthful

While these issues can affect any man, and probably will, there is no reason to give in to the inevitable without a fight. Both the young and the young at heart can take steps to keep the little guy spry and responsive. Eating right, exercising, drinking plenty of water and allowing time to relax and de-stress are all essential in this respect. In addition, daily use of a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help keep the penis healthy and youthful for many years to come. Men should choose a formula that contains nutrients like acetyl L carnitine (to improve sensitivity); alpha lipoic acid (to reduce wrinkles); and L-arginine (to increase blood circulation to the area) for maximum health of the penis. All penises will naturally age, but with a little help, some can simply age better than others.

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