Sore Penis Woes: Banish Common Manhood Ailments with Vitamin B5

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    Apr 26, 2013
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Sore Penis Woes: Banish Common Manhood Ailments with Vitamin B5 Photo by John Dugan

There are many everyday ailments that can befall a penis. It is a part of a man’s body -- just like any other -- and is just as susceptible to minor irritations, pain, redness and other issues. Unlike other body parts, the health and wellness of the penis plays a vital role in a man’s sexual health, making it especially important to keep it in peak physical condition. Vitamin B5 is one vitamin that has penis-specific health properties, making it an important key to promoting penis health. The following sections explain more about vitamin B5 and how to banish sore penis problems with this restorative vitamin.

Soothes Skin Irritation : It is not uncommon for the skin of the penis to become red, chafed and even itchy. Whether dry skin is the culprit, or uncomfortable or too tight clothing is causing chafing, or even an overly assertive tryst in the bedroom led to the problem, an irritated manhood is not a happy manhood. Vitamin B5 helps sooth itching and irritation by nourishing and repairing damaged or cracked skin.

Improves Circulation: Vitamin B5 has a major role in promoting proper circulation; it also helps to maintain the health of the blood vessels and can actually stimulate blood flow. This is particularly important for the functioning of the penis, as circulation is absolutely necessary to encourage the nice, strong erections all men desire.

Boost Penis Health: Many people have heard of taking vitamin B5 when they have a cold or are battling the flu; this is because B5 boosts the body’s immune response. B5 helps fight infection and disease all across the body, including penis specific ailments such as thrush or jock itch. Vitamin B5 helps keep bacteria -- which love to grow in moist warm places such as the genitals -- from leading to an infection that can cause pain, irritation and soreness of the penis - conditions which, when left untreated, can even be passed on to sexual partners.

Enhance the Health of the Skin: Women have known vitamin B5 to be the secret to healthy, glowing skin for years due to the moisturizing properties it contains. The skin on the penis is susceptible to sagging, wrinkling and otherwise aging, just like the rest of the body. Vitamin B5 can help keep the skin of the penis looking youthful and feeling smooth and supple.

Improve Penis Sensations: Loss of or reduction in penis sensation is an unfortunately common occurrence, and it is one that can even happen to young men. The penis skin is very delicate compared to other areas of the body; however, over time, rough clothing, vigorous or frequent sex and masturbation can all cause the skin to toughen up. In some cases, this friction can cause reduce sensitivity of the penis due to damage of the nerve endings which may make sex less pleasurable, or take more stimulation to reach climax. Luckily, vitamin B5 can stimulate the growth and development of new cells while preventing further damage to the nerve endings and possibly reversing existing damage.

Where to Get Vitamin B5

While a well-balanced diet will provide much of the vitamin B5 a person needs, to enjoy the full benefits of the vitamin, additional supplements may be beneficial. Even a daily multivitamin or B5 supplement in pill form may not supply enough of the vital nutrient, as it may not be fully absorbed through the digestive tract. To really target the penis, and make the most of the vitamin, a penis vitamin formula is the best course of action (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil).A penis vitamin formula is applied directly on the skin of the penis for maximum absorption, directly where it is needed most. Men should choose an all-natural variety that is formulated specifically for the penis and has other important vitamins and minerals included. When added to the daily grooming regimen, penis oil can help revitalize the skin and keep the penis healthy and functioning at the highest capacity possible.

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