Penis Pimples A Mans Guide to Care and Prevention

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    Apr 17, 2014
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Penis Pimples A Mans Guide to Care and Prevention Photo by John Dugan

Penis pimples: tiny little annoyances on an otherwise healthy penis that can cause considerable consternation. Even men who regularly practice proper penis health care can develop a pimple on their tool; when they do, it causes several reactions:

- Embarrassment. Men take pride in their equipment, and with good reason. A healthy, powerful tool is an impressive thing, and men like it to be shown off to its best advantage. The last thing they want when unveiling their sexual arsenal is for a woman’s loving gaze to fall upon an unattractive blemish.

- Worry and anxiety. Although the majority of penis pimples are likely to be simple dermatological reactions (which is the focus of this article), there’s always the possibility that they could be a sign of something else, such as genital warts, herpes or another STI. If it is not clearly a simple skin issue, then a man may become fretful or even panicky, especially if he has indulged in unprotected sex.

- Frustration. Even when the pimple is simply acne-related, a man can get frustrated if it takes the pimple a long time to go away - especially if that one pimple invites a few of his brothers to join him.

Treating and preventing the pimple.

Treating penis pimples that are simple dermatological issues is fairly simple; however, a man must determine whether he thinks the pimple needs the benefit of a doctor’s visit. If he is at all uncertain as to whether it is simply a skin reaction and has concerns about whether it may be a sign of an STI or other condition, he should definitely consult with a doctor in order to find out.

Below are simple rules for treating the pimple; most of these also help to prevent pimples from occurring in the first place.

1. Proper hygiene is absolutely essential for treating the pimple on the penis. The area should be washed thoroughly every day. If a man engages in activity that leaves him sweaty, he should also wash the area again immediately after finishing that activity.

2. When washing, a gentle cleanser should be used. One with harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients will only exacerbate the problem.

3. When drying the pimple-infected area, pat it dry with a soft towel. Rubbing it dry may irritate it further, as may using a rough towel.

4. Choose soft underwear that does not fit too tightly; boxers are usually better than briefs. Softness will avoid irritating the pimple; usually 100% cotton is the best choice. Similarly, if the underwear clings too tightly, it may rub against the pimple and keep it from healing properly.

5. Air it out. The penis tends to be trapped beneath two layers of clothing, which causes it to get overheated. The presence of pubic hair further warms it, as does frequent rushes of blood to the organ during erect states. All of this makes sweat inevitable. It’s good to air a pimpled penis out for a while during the day; if a man lives in a situation that makes this possible, walking around unclothed for an hour or two a day can help.

6. Use a cream to replenish lost nutrients. All of the heat and sweating causes a penis to lose many of the vitamins and nutrients it needs; ironically, when this happens, the skin can become very dry and brittle, despite the presence of sweat. Daily applying a first class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is absolutely essential. If the skin is not refreshed and restored with a vitamin- and nutrient-based cream, the conditions for penis pimples will reassert itself over and over. Maintaining the proper balance of ingredients is difficult, so a cream that includes a wide range of vitamins (definitely including A, B5 and E), moisturizing emollients (such as shea butter) and nutrients such as alpha lipoic acid, a superior antioxidant that prevents premature penis skin cell aging is absolutely essential.

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