Red Penis Pride Tips for Maintaining Blood Flow for Better Function

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    Jun 19, 2014
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Red Penis Pride Tips for Maintaining Blood Flow for Better Function Photo by John Dugan

Men tend to be very proud of sporting a firm, red penis, the healthy glow of which demonstrates that the organ is benefitting from a vigorous and manly blood flow. Maintaining good circulation in the genital area is an essential component of proper penis health; no man wants to let blood flow issues arise, as they can have an impact on penis function and sexual enjoyment.

Penis blood flow: why it's important

Blood plays a significant role in the overall health of the total body, of course; when oxygen and nutrients enter the body, the blood circulatory system is the taxi service that picks them up and delivers them all over, from the brain down to the feet - with, naturally, a major drop-off point at the penis along the way.

The mechanics

Guys know that good blood flow is needed for an impressive red penis, but they don't always know exactly why. It's very simple:

Inside the penis, there are two spongy chambers that line each side of the shaft; these are called the corpora cavernosa. When a man gets those special signals - from spotting a person with a particularly alluring figure to smelling a highly arousing scent to feeling a soft hand caressing his member - the smooth muscles around the corpus cavernosa respond by relaxing. As they do, this allows blood to flow into the chambers, filling up the spongy material. As the blood is absorbed, the spongy material expands, causing the penis to expand and harden - and opening up the path to sexual paradise.

After ejaculation (or when the aroused state is otherwise completed), the blood is allowed to drain back out and the penis returns to its flaccid state.

Maintaining proper penis blood flow

With proper blood flow playing such a vital role in penis health, it’s important that men take steps to make sure that blood circulation in the area is not impaired. Among the steps they can take are:

- Watch the fat. High-fat diets are a circulatory no-no. Why? Because the fat in these foods gets into the blood, where it clogs the arteries. Partial clogging makes the pathway narrower, so that less blood can get through; total clogging is especially dangerous and can lead to strokes. Red meat and fried foods are among the dietary choices that tend to be higher in fat.

- Don't smoke or snort. Cigarettes and cocaine are bad for the health, period, and have a special effect on blood flow. Both of these activities constrict the arteries, which again means that less blood is able to get through.

- Exercise. Every man needs to keep himself in good physical shape; exercise helps keep the heart healthy, which has a positive impact on blood flow throughout the body.

- Increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a valuable free radical that helps to increase blood flow by opening up arteries. When there's an appropriate amount of nitric oxide in the blood, circulation is smoother and easier.

One of the most effective ways of providing penis blood vessels with nitric oxide is to regularly use a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that includes L-arginine among its ingredients. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps to boost nitric oxide production; it also is an aid in avoiding broken penis capillaries. Another ingredient to look for in a truly superior penis health cream is acetyl L carnitine, which is another aid to obtaining a dynamic red penis. This invaluable supplement is especially important for men who have suffered some loss of sensation in the penis; this often occurs after rough handling from aggressive sex, whether partner- or solo-based. The combination of these ingredients, plus vitamins like A, B5 and E, help keep a penis in prime health.

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