Penis Tingling and Numbness Resulting from Penile Nerve Damage

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    Oct 01, 2013
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Penis Tingling and Numbness Resulting from Penile Nerve Damage Photo by John Dugan

The word "tingle" is often used to describe a very mild pain sensation that seems to come and go. It's a bit like a tickle, but it's just a little sharper and a tad harder to ignore. Tingles like this are uncomfortable when they strike anywhere on the human body, but they're particularly unwelcome when they light up the intimate tissues a man hides in his underwear. Penis tingles like this just seem wrong, and they can make a man desperate for some kind of penis care solution. Thankfully, there are a number of options that could provide relief.

Nervous Nerves

Tingling sensations are often attributed to a problem with nerves. These little cables are designed to transmit information from the brain to distant parts of the body, and when they're kinked or otherwise blocked, that information might come only in bursts. A man might feel something one moment and then nothing at all in the next, which the brain might interpret as a tingle or tickle.

A temporary pinching of the nerves might take place when a man chooses to:

  • Wear tight clothing
  • Sit in a contorted position
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Engage in unusually acrobatic sex

Once the pressure is released, the little spark of pain might fade away. But there are some diseases that can cause intensive nerve damage that doesn't fade when a man changes position. Diabetes, some types of cancers and some autoimmune disorders can manifest with penis tingles, and those symptoms might grow worse with time. They might also produce other symptoms that have little to do with the penis, indicating that something much more serious is happening inside the body.

Infectious Sources

A tingling, twitching penis could also be a sign of a latent infection within the organ itself, or in some nearby structure. Some problems within the urinary tract can produce tingles, for example, as can some forms of sexually transmitted diseases. Some men who have these problems have other symptoms, including a discharge of some sort or a pain in the belly or the testicles, but some don't have other signposts that point to disease. They just have the tingles, and they want them to go away.

Good Solutions

Since this sensation can spring from so many different sources that all might merit different types of treatment, this isn't the sort of problem men can treat at home. A doctor can provide a thorough exam to rule out specific types of diseases and underlying causes, and sometimes, that visit puts an end to the maddening sensations a guy has been feeling on a regular basis.

Those who have penis tingling might consider augmenting their penis health regimen, however, so they can keep their equipment in tip-top shape in the months that follow this episode. Men who periodically ride a bicycle might begin by investing in a seat that's specifically designed for penis health. Often, these seats allow a man to sit only on his buttocks, allowing the rest of his equipment to dangle freely, and this might produce fewer alarming sensations of pain and sensitivity loss. Keeping sex and seating positions a bit conventional might also help to prevent future episodes of pinching and tingling.

Investing in the nutritional health of the penis might be another excellent step. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains ingredients that can nourish nerves, providing them with the nutrients they need to perform at maximum capacity. Products like this also contain vitamins that can keep the skin healthy, so no dry skin or flakes of dead tissue can stand in the way of a gentle touch and a man's waiting nerves. Applying a product like this twice daily might help the tingles to fade.

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