Penis Sensitivity Can Decline With Age - What to Do to Keep It Young

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    Sep 12, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Can Decline With Age - What to Do to Keep It Young Photo by John Dugan

Penis sensitivity can vary significantly from one man to the next; the touch that drives one man over the brink may cause another man to become only mildly aroused, and a third man to merely lift an eyebrow in anticipation. What remains constant, however, is that the aging penis does indeed run the risk of losing some sensation over the years. Men interested in maintaining their level of pleasurable sensations may wish to know more about this issue, as well as promoting overall penis health.

What's the damage?

Scientists know that penis sensitivity definitely decreases with age. What they don't really know is how much.

Why is there this problem in determining exactly how much sensation is lost? Basically, it's because there has not been one constant method of applying penis stimulation and measuring the results. For example, one researcher may measure sensitivity within the whole shaft, while another may focus specifically on the underside of the shaft. Meanwhile, a third may concentrate on the glans.

Measuring the results can also vary. A scientist with a large pool of funds may be able to invest in electronic devices that can provide a sensory picture of stimulation and can assess sensitivity in that manner. Another may use more of an "eyeball" approach, monitoring for how long and when and to what measureable degree a penis responds to certain stimuli. Still another method may involve "self-reporting," in which a scientist relies upon a test subject to relate when and how he is feeling stimulated.

One thing which would seem certain: these kinds of tests shouldn't be impacted by a lack of volunteer subjects. Most men would be eager to be part of a test that involved pleasuring their members.

What is known?

While there's not enough data to form hard and fast statements, most of the data indicates that an aging penis is less sensitive than a young one. There's general agreement that sensitivity seems to peak around age 25. This is followed by a very slow and gradual decline to around 65, after which there is a more pronounced decline.

The good news

Many men who read that last paragraph, especially those who are over 25, may feel a little panic. They may worry that their best days are behind them or that they are facing a life in which their previously-super powered penis is going to quickly become crotchety and unresponsive.

That's not the case. Scientists report that there is a decrease in sensitivity, but they also report that it's not something that most men notice. And doctors receive very few complaints about any age-related declines in organ sensation among their patients.

Why does this happen?

What accounts for this loss of sensation in the man's favorite body part? Basically, this happens because as the body ages, neurosensitivity diminishes throughout. Eyesight worsens. It becomes harder to hear. It's natural that the penis will have its share of diminished feeling.

In addition, the penis is dependent upon a good blood flow and people often develop circulatory issues as they age which can add to the deadening factor.

Finally, it's a natural part of operating one's equipment. Indulging in the pleasurable exercise of his penis for decades may just make a guy's member a little "used to" the sensations that give it pleasure.

Still, most guys don't need to worry. Even if the amount of sensitivity drops from its peak, most penises remain quite capable of providing pleasure well into a man's dotage.

One recommendation for helping maintain penis sensitivity is to make liberal use of a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a regular basis. It's a good idea to look for a cream with acetyl L carnitine, as this ingredient has been shown to enhance organ sensitivity through its neuroprotective qualities. Those creams that also have alpha lipoic acid are also recommended, as this ingredient positively impacts the aging process of penis cells.

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