Penis Sensation Loss Why it Happens and How to Bring Back the Feeling

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    Aug 17, 2014
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Penis Sensation Loss Why it Happens and How to Bring Back the Feeling Photo by John Dugan

While some men struggle with an overly sensitive penis, resulting in hasty sex sessions, others experience the opposite phenomenon: reduced penis sensation. This may occur gradually over time or with a sudden onset. Depending on the level of desensitization, a man may find it difficult or impossible to become erect or achieve orgasm. Reduced sensation and other penis health issues can result in relationship problems and a lower quality of life, since sexual pleasure is a precious component of human existence. Don’t take reduced penis sensitivity lying down; learning about potential causes can help men restore sensation to their favorite organ.

The following are common causes of reduced penis sensation:

Friction Exposure: The sources of friction to the penis are many and varied, including masturbation, rigorous sex, and rubbing against underwear. As the penis is repeatedly assaulted by friction, the skin begins to toughen. The tough layer of skin that forms is not as sensitive as the smooth, soft skin it’s covering.

Men can regain penis sensitivity by laying off activities that cause excessive friction to the penis and by wearing soft underwear that doesn’t chafe. This does not mean that men will have to give up pleasuring themselves or engaging in rough sex forever; rather, they just need to give the skin enough time to heal up and regain feeling.

Underlying Health Condition: The presence of a health condition may lead to reduced penis sensation. One very common condition worth considering is diabetes. This disease attacks the body’s nerves, disrupting sensations throughout the body, including in the penis. Diabetes is more prevalent among those who are sedentary, overweight and who eat a poor diet. If a man fits those bills, lifestyle changes and appropriate treatment should be sufficient to restore sensation.

Psychological Condition: Physical and mental well-being are intimately connected, and penis function is not exempt from this relationship. Just as a pleasurable thought can call a man’s mini-me to attention, negative thoughts and emotions can put a damper on sexual sensations. Men with depression or a history of sexual abuse in particular should seriously consider mental health as a likely source of their sensation difficulties. Therapy can be of immense use both for the mind and body.

Aside from the presence of mental health conditions, men would do well to consider how they feel about their partners. Is fear of commitment a factor? Are jitters coming into play? A man may be able to work through these issues on his own or with his partner.

Drinking: Alcohol is commonly used as self-medication because it has pain-relieving effects. It doesn’t only cause a reduction in unpleasant sensations, though; it reduces the pleasant ones, too. More than a couple drinks can be enough to turn a man off for the night.

Smoking: Toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke cause poor circulation throughout the body. A lack of adequate blood flow to the penis results in poor erections and decreased sensation. Quitting the cigarettes can restore penis sensation for some men.

Age: As men age, they tend to experience a natural reduction in penis sensation. For many men, the reduction is so gradual that it’s not even noticeable; for others, it can result in erectile dysfunction.

Men can’t prevent aging, but they can take steps to improve the overall health of the penis. One such effort is the use of a penis health crème, (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains nutrients for moisturizing, sensitizing and replenishing the penis. Look for products with vitamin E and Shea butter to keep skin smooth and soft. Particularly relevant to penis sensation, seek out a crème with acetyl L-carnitine, which helps to maintain proper nerve function and protects cells.

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