Penis Irritation What It Is and What to Do About It

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    Sep 08, 2014
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Penis Irritation What It Is and What to Do About It Photo by John Dugan

The nerve endings in the penis can do great things. When a man is having sex with a partner, the nerves give him no shortage of pleasure. And when he's having a little private time, they can fire off signals of stimulation, too. But sometimes those nerve endings need to send a completely different message. Sometimes, they need to inform a guy about an urgent need for extra penis care.

When the nerve endings send signals of pain, penis irritation is the likely culprit. It's uncomfortable, but fortunately there are a number of things men can do to make things feel better.

A Sexual Problem

While there are all sorts of issues that could cause penis irritation, yeast cells are common culprits. These little organisms thrive in environments that are warm and dark, like the inside of a woman's body. The immune system usually keeps the size of the colonies in check, but when something is off, the number of cells can explode, and itching and redness can take over.

If a man has sex with a partner who is dealing with a yeast problem, she can spread that to him. When she does, he might deal with redness and itching, too. And if she gets treatment and he does not, he can give that yeast infection back to her. Then she can give it back to him. Some couples trade yeast cells for years without realizing why their discomfort won't go away.

Many Solutions

Yeast cells can cause cases of penis irritation so severe and so painful that men simply can't think clearly. But they're not really all that powerful. With just a few doses of an over-the-counter medication, the size of the colony can be reduced, and a man can get back to normal rather quickly.

However, men should be sure that their partners are treated at the same time as them. That's the only way to make sure those cells aren't traded back and forth, over and over again.

And while a man and his partner are healing up, they should avoid any kind of sexual contact. Skin cells need time to knit back together, and that means they should be given a break from any kind of friction, at least for a little while.

Preventing the Issue

Yeast infections can happen to anyone, but they're more common in men who have other health problems, such as:

- Diabetes


- Another immune-suppressing illness

- An illness that requires long-term antibiotic treatment

Sometimes, dealing with the underlying issue that makes a man vulnerable to yeast infections is more helpful than treating the problem each and every time it appears.

Similarly, some men have hygiene habits that aren't exactly up to par. These guys could be setting themselves up for all sorts of infections and, with a few tweaks, they could be healthier than they've ever been before.

That good care starts with a daily washing. Men should use only water and no harsh or perfumed soaps, and they should rinse for a long time when the scrubbing is done. That wash-up should happen daily, and when men are clean and dry, they should slip into underwear that's similarly clean and dry. Just keeping things clean like this can keep bacteria from taking over, and it could be a great way to prevent yeast from spreading.

A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could also be a great intervention for men with yeast problems. These products help to keep skin smooth and soft, and the vitamins and minerals can boost the immune system that supports the penis. A daily application is one way for men to support their tools so they can stay healthy and functional for longer.

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