Penis Sensation Loss Possible Causes and How to Get it Back

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    Aug 06, 2014
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Penis Sensation Loss Possible Causes and How to Get it Back Photo by John Dugan

When a man is described as "sensitive," he may take it as an insult; most guys don’t want to be thought of as weak or touchy. But, when a man's penis is sensitive, that's an entirely different matter. After all, men who have an organ that is responsive tend to enjoy sex a little more, and they might be more likely to give their partners rides they won't forget. That's why it's so important for me to learn more about why men often lose some degree of penis sensation, and what sorts of penis care steps can improve his ability to feel sensory pleasure.

A Physical Issue

The penis is an incredibly complicated organ, filled with all sorts of nerves, blood vessels and muscles that all have to work together during intimate contact. Since there are so many different systems involved, it's not unusual for things to break down. Common health problems that could impact a man's ability to feel things with his tool include:

- Diabetes

- Heart disease

- Nerve damage

- Infections

A doctor's visit is always a good place for a man to begin his search for help, if he's feeling numb down there. Blood tests, physical exams and more could help doctors to spot the problems that stand at the heart of a man's sensitivity loss.

Mental Considerations

Sometimes, a man can emerge with a clean bill of health, but still feel like he's incapable of experiencing tactile stimulation. For men like this, psychological factors could be playing a big role in sensitivity loss.

A man's inner voice can make him feel confident, as though everything he's doing is perfect, or he might feel as though he's ruining everything and hurting his partner. Sometimes, he might even feel so low and sad that he's not even interested in having sex in the first place. Depression and low self-confidence can really do a number on a man's ability to feel the sensations that occur during sex, as his brain is focused on other things, not on the signals coming from the penis.

Difficulties in the relationship a man has with his partner could also play a role. If a man feels unhappy or upset with the person he's with, his brain might be focused on that negativity and not on the good feelings of sex, and that might also make his sensitivity rates plummet.

Solutions and Workarounds

Obviously, getting to the root of a physical problem is the top priority for a man who has a sensitivity problem. Similarly, men who are struggling with depression or relationships should also seek out the help they need to make things better.

But in the interim, there are a number of things men can do to help boost their ability to feel things down below. For example, men who are dealing with a physical problem might find it hard to feel things in the penis, but they might be able to enjoy a soft touch on another sensitive part of the body. The backside, the testicles or even the ears are all proven erogenous zones for men, and enjoying a touch there could remind the brain of the wonders that sex can bring.

Similarly, men who are feeling frustrated with their ability to feel things might enjoy focusing on improving the health of the penis with the help of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products can nourish the sensory cells of the penis, which could bring the pleasure back, but they're also just really soothing products to apply. They feel good going on, and they make the penis feel good all day. A man might enjoy that little touch of pleasure as he works on the other issues that impact his sensitivity, and when he's ready to hop back in the sack, his penis will be ready to go, too.

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