Dude, You Reek Talking to a Friend about Penis Odor

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    Dec 03, 2013
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Dude, You Reek Talking to a Friend about Penis Odor Photo by John Dugan

A guy counts on his best friend to tell him the things that other people might gloss over, but that can be difficult when the subject is embarrassing penis odor. Although good penis care can easily diminish this problem, raising the subject in the first place can be difficult, even for the best of bros.

It’s natural.

The thing is, manhood odor is extremely common. Think about it: unless a guy lives and works in a nudist camp, his junk spends the vast majority of its time trapped inside at least two layers of clothing. That in itself can create a hot environment, but the presence of a big bush of hair adds to the heat generation. And with all that heat, of course, comes sweat. The sweat accumulates and, while it typically dries, it leaves behind a residue of odor, which is made worse by the enclosed nature of underwear and pants.

Some men are able to reduce the odor of sweat by shaving the area, but this only partially helps the problem. And for men who are heavy sweaters, penis odor can become a major issue.

It’s a deterrent to oral satisfaction.

Eliminating unwanted personal odor is simply part of good overall hygiene, but there’s another reason to make the penis smell as attractive as possible: a strong smell can actively discourage a partner from performing oral gratification on the manhood. Many partners are disinclined to perform mouth-based activities down there in the first place; men shouldn’t give them another good reason to say no.

The direct approach.

So how can a guy tell his best friend that he needs to air out his tool? For some people, the direct approach may be best: "Dude, your junk is rank!" This approach is a good idea if

  • The men have a really honest relationship;
  • The bud is not easily offended, and;
  • The truth-teller is comfortable with bringing up the subject.

An indirect approach.

For many men, an indirect approach may be much more productive. Here are some methods to consider:

1. Is that me? If both are changing clothes, a guy can pause, sniff loudly and make a face. He might even take off his underwear, give it a sniff, and say "Whew! I thought that nasty odor was coming from me." The friend will hopefully take the hint.

2. It is me! A man can pretend that he himself has a personal odor issue. He might casually mention in conversation, "Man, when I was getting in the shower, I realized my junk smells rotten. God, I hope no one else could smell it." If the pal asks if he also has odor issues, the man should go ahead and let him know that, yeah, he might want to do something about it.

3. Get her! If a friend is interested in a certain potential playmate, a dude can pretend that he knows she has a "thing" about dirt and odors - especially those in the behind-the-zipper department.

A man can come up with dozens of other indirect approaches. The important thing is to follow it up with a suggestion on how to decrease the odor issue.

Proper cleaning is important, of course, but it’s also crucial that a friend recommends the regular use of a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Not just any cream will do: one with an ingredient that actively fights manhood odor is essential. Those with vitamin A are especially recommended. Vitamin A has antibacterial qualities that can open a war against penis odor, and the topical nature of a cream allows the vitamin to more quickly and directly target a specific area. As a plus, a cream with a high end emollient like shea butter can also help properly hydrate the equipment.

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