Sex Etiquette - How to Ask for Something New in the Bedroom

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    Apr 09, 2014
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Sex Etiquette - How to Ask for Something New in the Bedroom Photo by John Dugan

There's something comforting about having sex with the same person over and over again. In time, both partners know just what to do to bring the pleasure to a head, and sometimes, the routine is so predictable that the partners don't even need to talk to one another at all as the action unfolds. But predictability can also be boring, and it can make a man yearn for something a little different. Switching things up can put the pop back into a couple's sex life, and making the switch is relatively easy. In fact, attending to proper penis care and practicing a few time-tested introductory sentences can make even the most reluctant partner eager to experiment.

Finding the Right Sex Words

Blurting out commands in the middle of sex isn't likely to thrill a partner, particularly if the command involves some sort of act the couple has never tackled before. Rather than planning for on-the-fly changes in routine, men who really want to be successful might consider laying the groundwork in the days prior to a sex-routine change.

Sparking the conversation is easier when there are props nearby, such as:

1. Books about sex positions

2. Kinky videos

3. Sex tools

4. Romantic novels

Using these tools, couples can have a fun, sexy conversation about their private fantasies. Each partner might have some new position they've been dying to try, or some new technique that seems intriguing. The tools can be particularly inspirational for those people who simply don't have their own wellspring of fantasies to draw upon. These people can simply borrow a sexy move from one of the props.

While some partners might drop right into sex experimentation, it's not uncommon for longstanding couples to take revisions in a step-wise manner. One night, the two might add talking to the repertoire. On the next night, they might add a new position to the mix. Slow introductions like this allow couples to get frisky without feeling like they've lost all control on the road to freaky-land.

Preparing the Penis for New Tasks

If a sexformation does take place, it's likely that a man's valuable tool will be put to the test. He might be required to try out new sensations, or he might be required to just feel a little bit more, so he can provide his partner with the sweet murmurs of pleasure that keep things moving in the right direction. Before smoothing the way to experimentation, a man might take just a few steps in order to ensure that his body is truly ready for the task at hand.

Prepping the tool for love means paying attention to basic grooming. The area should be clean, which means that daily rinses with warm water are a must, and lap might benefit from a little help from friendly scissors. A huge bush of hair tends to dampen a partner's enthusiasm for oral play, and that cloud of hair could also make the tool just look smaller and less impressive. Scissors can provide a quick trim without the stubble, too, so men won't be apt to scratch as they love.

Boosting penis sensitivity can seem like a tricky task to accomplish, but a penis health crème can help. Products like this (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain skin-health ingredients, including Vitamin E and Shea butter, which soften and smooth skin, so scabs don't block sensory information. But, the help these products can provide can also take hold beneath the surface of the skin, surrounding nerve cells with the vital nutrition they need to keep on firing with each signal of love. A daily application is all that's required to prepare the tool for experimentation, and ensure that success is right around the corner.

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