Penis Rash and Jock Itch Just Say No

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    Aug 31, 2013
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Penis Rash and Jock Itch Just Say No Photo by John Dugan

As medical problems go, the penis rash that results from jock itch is not the worst problem a guy can have. Still, a rash down there is undeniably annoying, irritating and inconvenient, and it's worth taking steps to avoid. Keeping the crotch hale, hearty and healthy is part and parcel of good penis care.

Jock itch causes

Most men know the primary rule for avoiding jock itch and the rash that so often accompanies it: keep the crotch clean and dry. Men have to be responsible for their own genital cleanliness and hygiene.

Interestingly, not all men are aware of the secondary cause of fungal itch: contracting it from another person's clothes, towels or skin.

Passing clothes around

Usually it's fairly easy to avoid this secondary cause and deflect the possibility of developing a rash. For example, the article of clothing that is most likely to pass along the itch is another person's underwear.

Yes, roommates often borrow each other's clothes, but most guys draw the line at popping on another man's briefs or boxers. From a health point of view, it's better to "go commando" than wear another guy's underwear, even if it's been freshly laundered.

Things get trickier, though, when we move into the other clothing layers. Sure, sweaters and coats should be safe; they don't usually come into contact with the infected area. The same generally goes for shirts; however, remember that long shirttails that are tucked into pants may pick up some of the fungus.

The seat of the matter

The real problem, naturally, is pants. It's not at all unusual for guys to borrow each other's jeans. And if a guy has a hot date, he may want to borrow his bud's awesome Bedwin trousers to make an impression. But it's a good idea to check first to see if things are "safe."

That can be hard; but it's better to be safe than sorry. Men are advised to bring the subject of fungal infection up with anyone whose clothes they plan to borrow. Keep it light; just say, "So, Dude, any jock itch or anything I ought to know about?" If two guys are close enough to lend each other clothes, they're close enough to talk about the fungus situation.

Toweling off

Lots of guys have showered at a pal's home or have tagged along with a buddy to the pool on a last minute whim. In these situations, a person is likely going to be presented with towels from the friend's closet. Genitals get wet and need to be dried off, so to avoid a rash, find out in advance about any jock itch possibilities.

It's also a two-way street: guys that have a fungal infection should inform their hosts before rubbing guest towels around an infected crotch.

Skin to skin

Jock itch can pass from one person to another through direct skin-to-skin contact. Considering the area involved, this is most likely to happen when engaging in sex with another person. (And remember: although crotch itch is thought of as strictly a male problem, women can get it as well.) It's very difficult, in the heat of the moment, to spoil the mood by asking about fungal infections; so it may be best to bring the subject up a little earlier in the game, when discussing any possible sexually transmitted diseases that a new partner may have.

Avoiding situations that can lead to a penis rash is giving your penis the respect it deserves; so is using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) regularly. A penis health cream can provide a soothing feeling during healing and can pamper a rash-free penis. Those creams that contain Shea butter, a high end moisturizer and emollient, can hasten dermatological healing. Penis health creams with vitamin E help prevent penile skin from drying and cracking, and those with vitamin D can help fight natural diseases.

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