Itchy Penis Skin and Vitamin E The Perfect Solution

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    Aug 01, 2014
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Itchy Penis Skin and Vitamin E The Perfect Solution Photo by John Dugan

Itchy penis skin can crop up for all sorts of reasons. But when the need to scratch shows up without a red rash, it's often caused by something really simple: dry skin. Thankfully, there's an effective penis care solution for men with dry skin down below - read more about how men can up their penile hygiene routine with vitamin E.

A Common Element

Skin cells can make Vitamin E, and when they do, this important element rises out of the pores and spreads across the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, as soon as it rises to the top, it begins to disappear.

For example, spending time in the sun, even for a few moments, can mean disaster for Vitamin E levels. The sun's rays contain a specific kind of light that can break down Vitamin E, and those rays might even prompt the skin to slow down the production of this vitamin. It's a one-two punch, as sun-damaged skin has less of this vital element, and the body isn't producing enough to make up the deficiit.

In addition, most people just don't like the way skin looks when it's producing enough Vitamin E. Skin like this tends to look shiny or oily, and most people respond by bringing out harsh soaps and washing all of that protection away. The skin left behind might not look shiny, but it's certainly not healthy.

Beating the Itch with E

Men without enough Vitamin E tend to have a deep-set itch, but their skin might also look wrinkled, dry and old. Sometimes, things get so bad that the skin begins to flake and peel.

Scratching skin that's this dry isn't a good idea. Fingernails hold a lot of bacteria, and when a man scratches, he leaves behind cuts and tears in his sore skin. Bacteria can burrow into those welts, and that could lead to infections and even more pain and itching. Scratching also doesn't help to get to the source of the dry skin, so it doesn't even lead to long-term relief.

Among the other important properties of vitamin E, which affects many aspects of body function, are its benefits for skin health. This nutrient can help:

- Seal in moisture

- Nourish healing cells

- Protect vulnerable skin from inflammation

- Restore the skin's protective moisture layer

A daily application of a product that contains Vitamin E can be a key step in beating back the itch down below, and it's relatively easy to get started.

Using E Safely

Even though Vitamin E is a natural product, it's also incredibly powerful. Sometimes, people who take pills that have Vitamin E take in too much, and they have some serious medical problems as a result. In fact, there are some people who shouldn't take Vitamin E pills at all, simply because doing so could be bad for their health.

But a topical application is a little different. While it's possible for some of this element to sink into the skin and enter the body, most of it stays on the surface, where it belongs. As a result, it's a little less likely to cause problems in people who have other health conditions that might be harmed by Vitamin E.

But, it's always a good idea for men with an itch to see a doctor before they start doing anything to treat the problem. Sometimes, doctors have specific medicines they can use to treat infections caused by itching, and sometimes, doctors just like to talk with men about their health before these men start taking their penis woes into their own hands.

But a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be a good option for men who are waiting to speak with their doctors about their health. The right product should be enriched with vitamin E, along with other essential nutrients for intimate health. Applied daily after a shower, a crème like this can seal in moisture, preventing the drying that often leads to an itchy, uncomfortable Johnson.

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