Penis Care Concerns - A Reader Asks "How Can I Keep My Penis in Good Shape?"

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    Jun 15, 2014
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Penis Care Concerns - A Reader Asks "How Can I Keep My Penis in Good Shape?" Photo by John Dugan

Due to the reluctance of many parents - and even doctors - to address the basics of penis care, even adult men are often left in the dark when it comes to penile health. In many cases, men don’t pursue the issue until something goes wrong, at which time they are often resort to addressing email messages to companies that they think can help. This is one such letter, and the questions this man asks could lead to the answers most men need. While discussions like this are best held between a man and his doctor, this article could give men a good jumping-off point for their own health care appointments with medical experts.

A General Need

The writer of this particular letter is in good health, but it's clear he's concerned that he won't stay healthy unless he makes some changes. He writes: "I'm young, and I've never had any kind of STD or infection. Actually, I haven't had much of a chance to even really do anything with my penis, aside from touching it myself. But even so, I'm worried that my body isn't really normal, and that I'm doing something wrong now that will hurt me down the line."

It's not unusual for men who don't have problems now to worry about experiencing problems later. It's also not all that unusual for men to worry about their own bodies, and wonder if they really measure up to the tools other guys pack around. A general health exam with a doctor can help to clear up those concerns, and an appointment like this can give curious guys the opportunity to really talk about their bodies and find out whether or not they have things they should be worried about.

Prevention Steps to Take

Even though this man doesn't have health problems right now, he does want to know a little more about what he should be doing to keep his pecker as healthy as he possibly can. He writes, "Nobody ever really taught me how to clean down there, so I don't know what sorts of products I should be using or how often I should even be cleaning in the first place. Could you help me out?"

Keeping things clean is a great way to help keep the penile tissue healthy and functional. On the other hand, rough cleaning techniques or products that are too harsh for this delicate area can result in skin that is cracked, sore, irritated or even bleeding.

Intimate skin needs little more than a wash with a gentle cleanser and a rinse in warm water in order to stay clean. Men should avoid using wash cloths or shower sponges; the fingertips are all that is needed to rub away grime and built-up body fluids. Men who are intact should gently pull back the foreskin, without forcing, and wipe away any material that has accumulated there. Drying thoroughly with a soft towel is also recommended, as putting on clothing with wet skin can cause fungal overgrowth that may lead to uncomfortable rashes.

Going a Step Further

Cleaning is only part of the work a man needs to do in order to keep his penis truly healthy, and this particular writer seems to understand that quite well. He ends his letter in this way: "Thanks in advance for all the help you're going to give me, but could you be sure to tell me a little bit about extra steps I could take to really keep my penis healthy? I'm willing to do almost anything to make sure I'm in good shape as I get older."

Thankfully, there's no real need to go to extremes in order to keep the penis in good shape. In fact, a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might be all that's required. These products can provide delicate tissues with the nutrition they need to function at an optimum level, and they can keep the surface of the skin smooth and supple, so sex sensations are easier to feel. For men like this reader, a quality product could be the secret weapon that ensures penis health, even as the years go by.

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