Penis Hurts Tips for Recovering after an Exotic, Yet Painful Encounter

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    Sep 25, 2013
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Penis Hurts Tips for Recovering after an Exotic, Yet Painful Encounter Photo by John Dugan

The world of sex play and sex toys can make for enormously kinky fun, but the end result for many men is often a sore penis. Sure, a little pain is the goal for a lot of guys, but sometimes a man gets more than he bargained for. Even if using a relatively tame toy like a chastity cage, a dude is likely to find that when his penile prisoner is finally granted precious freedom, he may be not be in any condition to enjoy himself. Indulging in "cage play" means that a man needs to take extra special pains to ensure proper penis care once his manhood is released from its bonds.

What kind of cage?

Although they are still not an item found in every man's sexual bag of tricks, chastity cages are more common today than ever. Such devices are exactly what their name suggests: a structure which is placed around the penis (and usually the testicles) in order to keep it locked up and unavailable for use.

These cages can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, rubber, leather and silicone. They're usually "sheath-like" in shape and skeletal in design, with an opening at the tip so that urine can be passed out. The length varies, but they are intended to be long enough to hold a flaccid penis comfortably and to create painful sensations when the penis is aroused and erect; ideally, the pain should be sufficient to cause discomfort and to prevent the penis from reaching a full erection.

What's the appeal?

Causing discomfort and discouraging an erection isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but many men - and not just those into BDSM or submission and dominance - find that wearing a chastity cage adds some oomph to their sex lives.

"Fred," who describes himself as a weekend cager (meaning he gets locked up only over the weekend, rather than wearing a device full-time), says that adding a chastity piece has helped him appreciate his penis.

Fred says that when he is locked in, he is always aware of his penis and how it feels practically every moment of his waking day. That intense fixation is a kind of "Zen penis state."

But…the pain?

Fred says that getting an erection definitely causes pain, but that it's not unbearable and that there is a kind of pleasure in it. When he gets hard, the real pain comes not from the constraint itself but from the fact that he can't masturbate and reach a climax; however, he finds that denial to make his subsequent release much more satisfying.

Other concerns

That said, there are other aspects of being in a cage that are not so pleasant. When a caged man urinates, not all the liquid escapes through the hole at the tip. Similarly, sweat can collect in the device, as can water from showers. While the skeletal design of a device makes it theoretically easy to keep the penis and the cage clean, in practice this isn't usually the case.

As a result, a cage can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Soap that gets into the cage and can't get washed away can dry on penile skin, making the penis dry or bringing about an allergic reaction.

Men who enjoy a chastity cage need to take extra steps to ensure that their penises are kept in good health. When his aching red penis is released from a device, a man should immediately soothe it with a reputable penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A cream with hydrating ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter can help to relieve any itching and soreness and can attend to that dried-up feeling that a man may experience. It's also important to use a cream that includes alpha lipoic acid to keep away the "wrinkling" look that such activity may accelerate in a penis.

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