Normal Penis Size and Appearance Answers to Mens Most Common Concerns

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    Apr 29, 2014
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Normal Penis Size and Appearance Answers to Mens Most Common Concerns Photo by John Dugan

On the outside, guys can be full of bravado about the impressive powers of their manhood, especially in the company of other men. But on the inside, there are few men who have not secretly wondered whether their package is really up to par, or whether those bumps, blemishes and variations in skin tone are just plain weird. The answers to these common concerns about what makes for a normal penis are revealed here.

1. Normal Penis Size - Starting with perhaps the biggest concern men have about their penis, the answer is that unless the erect penis is under an inch or two long, it is most likely normal. Of course, normal can encompass a wide range of sizes and shapes, and some guys are certainly more visibly endowed than others. On the other hand, the average erect penis size is about 5 to 51/2 inches, so guys who are not sporting the fabled nine-incher are in good company. In fact, since women only actually have any significant feeling near the vaginal opening - and lots more in the clitoris, the saying that size doesn’t matter is really true.

2. Normal Penis Skin Color - There are nearly as many penis skin tones as there are penises. Some men’s skin color is similar to the rest of their body, but it can be much lighter or much darker. Some men have more than one color - for example, darker at the base of the shaft and lighter toward the tip - all of these variations are perfectly normal. Men with very light patches of skin may have a benign condition known as vitiligo; if so, it is probably present on other parts of the body, as well. A condition known as lichen planus can also cause discoloration - usually whitish or gray, spreading patches on the skin.

3. Bumps and Blemishes - The skin is rarely, if ever, perfectly smooth, and the penis, like other parts of the body, can be affected by bumps and blemishes. Pimples and overactive follicles may abound in this area; and a large number of men may have a ring of clear or flesh-colored bumps surrounding the crown of the penis. This condition, known as pearly penile papules, is perfectly normal, harmless, and not contagious. On the other hand, open sores, lesions, and warts that have a rough surface should be checked out by a doctor.

4. Bends and Curves - Almost no penis is perfectly straight; it may hang to one side while flaccid and show a distinctive bend or curve when erect. Unless the bend appears following an injury, is painful, or interferes with normal intercourse, there is absolutely no reason to worry.

TLC for a Healthy, Well-adjusted Penis

Unless a guy has very obvious problems or concerns about his penis that fall well outside of the norms described here, chances are that his tool is perfectly normal. In that case, a little self-confidence boost may be all he needs to quit worrying about whether his penis is up to par.

Some guidelines for increasing confidence are as follows - and they may sound simplistic, but the positive effects can’t be denied:

- Keep it clean. A freshly washed manhood is more pleasant for both the owner and any potential partners; on the other hand, a penis that has not seen a shower for three or four days is unlikely to be attractive to anyone.

- Trim the hairs. An overgrown mass of pubic hair may not necessarily be off-putting for a partner, but trimming it down to size can actually make the penis appear longer - a nice confidence-booster for any man.

- Exercise. Getting plenty of exercise is not only beneficial in terms of better blood flow (and therefore, better erections). The feel-good hormones that are produced by exercise can leave a man feeling energized, happy and full of confidence in himself and his ability to perform, regardless of any perceived oddities about his manhood.

- Nix the booze. While a few drinks with a potential partner can help to ease the way into a more intimate encounter, it can also impair a man’s ability to perform. The immediate embarrassment can be bad enough, and the after-effects of this chemical downer can leave a man feeling depressed and unhappy.

- Add nutrients to the penile care regimen. A penis vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is enriched with rejuvenating vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids can leave the penile skin looking vibrant, feeling supple, and responding to a partner’s touch like never before. Adding a penis cream to the mix after a daily shower can leave a man feeling positive and confident when it comes to unveiling his tool.

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