Five Penis Pimple Questions - and Their Answers

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    Jun 18, 2014
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Five Penis Pimple Questions - and Their Answers Photo by John Dugan

Lumps and bumps on the penis are best handled by a doctor. That’s a fact. But most guys want to know a little more about what's going on downstairs before they walk into a doctor's office. That way, they can get through the initial Q&A part of the exam armed with some solid knowledge.

This article will help, as it provides common penis care questions involving pimples, as well as answers to those queries. It could be a good springboard for men who are dealing with red bumps down below.

Q. "Can I get acne on my penis?"

The short answer is "yes." The outer skin of the penis is made of the same dermal tissue that covers other acne-prone areas of the body, including the face, the back and the chest. The pores in the skin contain glands that secrete fatty, oily substances, and sometimes, those secretions block up the pores and allow acne cysts to form.

Q. "Are all red bumps that look like pimples actually pimples?"

Unfortunately, no. There are a number of different health conditions that can impact the penis that look like pimples but are caused by something quite different. In fact, these conditions can all cause symptoms that look a lot like acne:

  • Herpes
  • Syphilis
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Genital warts

Since red spots can be caused by so many different types of medical conditions, it's important for men to go to their doctors for an examination and a treatment plan.

Q. "Can I just pop these bumps and make them go away for good?"

While poking and prodding can seem efficient, it's not always a great idea. Breaking the skin means creating an opening for bacteria to enter the body, and attacking some types of lesions can deliver a bolt of pain that can bring a man to his knees. If the spots are caused by acne, they are best left to heal on their own, without any kind of poking. For men who are not willing to wait for nature to take its course, a doctor can provide a good plan for action.

Q. "If I've had penis pimples before, what can I do to make them stay away in the future?"

Penis pimples are certainly unsightly, and it's not unusual for men to want to keep them away for good. Thankfully, there are a number of reasonable steps men can take to keep the soreness and redness from coming back. Wearing cotton underwear is one such step. Clothing like this allows the skin to breathe, and this might mean fewer acne eruptions occur. Similarly, eliminating refined sugars from the diet might also help to calm skin. Skipping white bread, rice and pasta might seem difficult, but it could make a big difference in terms of a man's skin condition.

Q. "Can I use an over-the-counter acne crème on my penis?"

Most medications that are designed for acne relief are made to go on the face or the back. They contain very strong chemicals that dry up oil so there is a smaller amount of raw materials for bacteria to thrive upon. Often, these medications are much too harsh for the delicate tissues of the penis, and men who use them may to experience skin that's dry, cracked and sore. Skin like this tends to respond by kicking up oil production, too, and that could mean yet more acne appears.

A penis health crème might be a better option for acne relief. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain emollients that keep skin hydrated and soft, reducing the risk of overproduction of oil. These products also contain vitamins and minerals that can support the immune system, so pimples will have less of a chance; those that contain vitamin A, in particular - often used in the treatment of acne - may be particularly effective. These are products made just for the penis, and they're a better choice for overall penis health.

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