No Penis Feeling - How, Why and What to Do

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    Aug 28, 2013
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No Penis Feeling - How, Why and What to Do Photo by John Dugan

The penis is a constant focus of attention for most men, and mainly in a good way. From the time he discovers the pleasures of self-pleasure in his early teens, a man learns to see his tool as a source of entertainment and comfort. However, whether he is playing solo or with a partner, some common mistakes can lead to loss of penis feeling - in fact, nearly 90% of all men will experience some loss of penis sensation over the years.

Understanding how the wrong moves can diminish natural sensitivity and planning ahead with some smart steps to injury prevention can help men to guard against future problems and maintain their overall penis health.

Common mistakes that lead to loss of penis sensation

  • Aggressive masturbation - yanking away at the equipment can bring extreme pleasure in the moment; it can also help a man get over the top when time is of the essence. However, rough handling of the penile tissue, especially without the benefit of a good lubricant, can lead to microscopic tears and fissures in the skin’s surface. As part of the skin’s natural healing process, an extra-thick layer of skin may form in this area in order to protect against further damage. However, this tougher layer limits the ability of the underlying nerve cells to detect tactile stimulation, leading to loss of sensation.
  • Poor nutritional habits - Poor nutrition affects penile sensation in a number or ways. For one thing, the nerve cells, blood vessels and skin all rely on the right nutrients to function properly, repair themselves after damage, and respond to erotic sensations. For another, bad eating habits can lead to health problems like heart disease and diabetes, both of which can have a significant effect on penile function and sensation.
  • Lack of exercise­ - People who do not exercise are more likely to be overweight and to have poor cardiovascular health; both of these issues can impair sensation in the extremities, not to mention causing erectile issues. Exercising regularly can boost blood flow and healthy heart function, meaning that the penis will be more ready to respond when an erection is called for. One caveat here - exercising creates its own risks, so men should be sure to use the proper protection for the type of activity they choose to pursue in order to prevent injury to the private area.

When to seek professional help

Men who have certain medical conditions, as well as those who have experienced an injury to the groin area, should seek medical attention for loss of penis feeling. The following medical issues, among others, can contribute to diminished sensation:

  • Diabetes, or being at risk for developing type 2 diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Penile rupture;
  • Priapism (an erection that lasts more than several hours and is not caused by sexual stimulation);
  • Surgery (such as penile implants, lengthening procedures and treatment for Peyronie’s disease).

Increase sensitivity with nutrient support

While men are often hoping for a magical solution or a prescription medication that can quickly solve their sensitivity problems, an instant "cure" for lost sensation is unlikely. However, many individuals can benefit from making certain lifestyle changes, such as exercising more often to increase blood flow, eating right, and losing weight.

Good nutrition is surprisingly important in this respect, but the truth is that none of the body’s systems can function properly without the appropriate dietary components. Most of the nutrients that are needed for general good health can be obtained by eating the right foods. However, absorption of these nutrients is a complex process; without a degree in nutrition, it is difficult to be sure that the right elements are being consumed in the right combinations to ensure that the full benefits are being achieved.

Many men attempt to compensate for this problem by taking oral supplements; unfortunately, while some of these may be effective, evidence has shown that the body does not always absorb these well. When it comes to nourishing the penis, men may be able to get around this issue. Applying a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is fortified with vitamins, amino acids and other important nutrients directly to the penile skin may help to boost cellular uptake of essential nutrients, promoting healing, increasing sensitivity and overall penis health.

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