Debunking Common Masturbation Myths Top Questions about Self-stimulation Answered

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    Jun 24, 2013
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Feeling Randi
Feeling Randi
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Over the centuries, an entire mythology has developed around the idea of male masturbation. Many of the horror stories that are told are intended to scare boys and young men away from this practice, as religious tradition and cultural norms often discourage what truly comes naturally to almost all human beings. The following article tries to dispel some of the most common myths and help to alleviate some worries about the effects of masturbation, along with providing some simple penis care tips.

Myth: Masturbation can cause blindness.

Fact :This is a flat-out untruth; there is no scientific evidence that playing a little pocket poker has any effect whatsoever on the vision. This was simply a tale that was told to frighten young children away from probing the merchandise - other similar fallacies about masturbation included warnings about deformity and demonic possession.

Myth: Masturbation causes infertility

Fact: Playing with the family jewels is not likely to make a man incapable of fathering a child. On the other hand, frequent ejaculation (meaning every day, or more than once per day) naturally diminishes the number of sperm that are available at any given time. Men who are trying for greater fertility should save the goods for his partner, or at least allow for a few days between sessions in order to build up an adequate supply of swimmers.

Myth: Masturbation can cause weakness and fatigue

Fact: Masturbation is often blamed for vague health conditions such as "weakness" and a feeling of fatigue. Many young men are under the impression that their secret sessions are to blame for loss of muscle tone, weak knees, depleted strength, and feelings of overall tiredness and lack of energy. The truth is that masturbation does no such thing; and while the physical complaints may be real, they are likely a result of other problems - or simply psychosomatic in nature (meaning that boys who feel guilty about their activities have talked themselves into feeling unwell).

Myth: Masturbation makes hair grow on the palms

Fact: Again, there is simply no evidence that this is the case. On the other hand, it can be entertaining to tell a friend, and then watch him inspect his hands.

Myth: Masturbation can injure the penis

Fact: This one, unfortunately, can come true; vigorous stroking can cause irritated, dry, itchy skin, and overdoing it without the benefit of a personal lubricant can lead to tougher skin that is less sensitive to touch. In rare cases, extreme rough handling can lead to ruptured erectile tissue. A little care during stroking and use of a lube can help to alleviate this risk.

Making the most of self-pleasure

The bottom line when it comes to masturbation is that it is normal and healthy. It can help to relieve stress, and men who are familiar with their own bodies are likely to make better partners when it comes to intimacy.

When it comes down to technique, men have a habit of grabbing hold and going at it frantically; while this will not cause some of the more dire problems that men are warned about, it can damage the sensitive penile tissue and lead to irritation, soreness and in some cases, even loss of sensitivity. To avoid this, it is a good idea to practice more subtle techniques and to try different approaches; in this manner, the nerve pathways are subject to different forms of stimulation and are less likely to become over-accustomed to a particular technique.

Nourishing the skin with a penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) fortified with targeted male nutrients and all-natural moisturizers can also help to prevent tissue damage, boost the skin’s natural lubricant properties, and maintain the natural elasticity of the penile tissue. Applying a penis cream daily after a shower is recommended for maximum benefit.

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