Itchy Penis Solutions Could Hypnosis be the Answer?

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    Sep 10, 2014
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Itchy Penis Solutions Could Hypnosis be the Answer? Photo by John Dugan

It's an embarrassing moment to which all men can relate: A guy is surrounded by co-workers, wooing a potential partner or simply walking down a crowded street when he's struck by an unbearably itchy penis. Everyone knows that spending some extra time to practice appropriate penis care can help prevent situations like these, but what if that care isn’t enough and the itch just won’t subside?


"Look into my eyes. You are getting veeeeery sleepy."

The above clichéd expression, spoken in an appropriately thick Bela Lugosi-style accent, is what many people think of when they hear the word hypnosis. Contrary to what is often seen in movies, hypnosis is not a state that is achieved with a few quick words and a swirl or two of a spiral.

Hypnosis is a psychological state that shares some similarities with the dream state. When under hypnosis, an individual may be able to more easily and directly access thoughts or memories due to a heightened ability to block out distractions.

In hypnosis, some form of hypnotic induction is frequently used to help create a state in which distractions are diminished. In this state, hypnotic suggestions, both direct and indirect, may be used to bring about a desired result. In the case of an itchy penis, the suggestions would be focused on reducing the body's awareness of the itchiness and/or the need to scratch.


Those who use hypnosis as a way of dealing with skin issues are engaging in hypnodermatology. This branch of hypnosis is most often used with individuals experiencing an extreme form of itching; in many cases, the itching may have a psychological basis or may be related to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. In other cases, this form of hypnosis is used to treat unconscious scratching in which the individual is unaware he is scratching and/or scratches in his sleep.


Often, the hypnotic suggestions will focus on a means of alleviating the desire to scratch rather than the root cause of the itching itself. To do this, the therapist will determine what the subject feels, experiences or thinks before, during or after the itching and devise suggestions which can help the subject resist the need to scratch.

For example, one approach might be for the hypnotist to pinpoint early warning signs that an itchy penis state is imminent. When the subject subconsciously becomes aware of these warning signs, the hypnotist will suggest that his mind re-focus; perhaps he will suggest that the mind begin imagining the area that is in danger of itching has instead become cold and numb. Deadening the sensation in this way may allow the itchiness to pass unnoticed or at least to such a lesser extent that scratching is unnecessary.

Hypnodermatology has positive results for some, but not all, patients. Importantly, it is not used for men with just a mildly itchy penis; it tends to be reserved for those in whom the itch is especially strong and problematic.

What's a man to do, then, with just a typical itchy penis? In addition to making sure it's treated for any significant skin conditions, he is well advised to regularly use a high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Penis skin irritation may be alleviated by a cream that is rich in moisturizers such as vitamin E and natural Shea butter. The inclusion of vitamin D in the cream is also desirable, as this "miracle vitamin" can help fight diseases and enable cell functionality. Finally, the most beneficial cream will also include alpha lipoic acid, the powerful antioxidant qualities of which may help offset premature aging of penis cells.

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