Is a Sore Penis Ruining Everything in the Bedroom?

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    Apr 11, 2014
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Is a Sore Penis Ruining Everything in the Bedroom? Photo by John Dugan

Sex can sometimes be painful. Back muscles can spasm, lips can dry out and foreheads can knock together. It's enough to make any couple want to take a little aspirin break. However, some sex pain comes directly from the penis, and when it does, it can interfere with a couple's ability to have a good time together. This article will outline some common causes of penis pain, along with some reasonable penis care techniques that can help discomfort to fade away.

Sensitive Cells Gone Wild

The penis, like other critical body parts such as the eyes, the tongue and the fingertips, have such an intense ability to transmit signals of pain. This is due to the fact that they are simply loaded with nerve cells; and because of this, in addition to being able to transmit intense pleasure, the penis is also prone to significant pain.

While a sexual encounter is in progress, the body's ability to "feel" pain from penis injuries is reduced, which often allows sex acts to carry on toward their inevitable conclusion. But when the sex is over and the endorphins, the pain can be intense. Typical pain triggers include:

- A lack of lubrication during sex

- Sudden movements that put the penis in contact with bone

- Tight partners

- Sex acts that last too long

If a man experiences pain in the aftermath of each and every sexual episode he engages in, he's likely to enjoy sex a whole lot less. He might even find it difficult to get interested in sex, as he might be worrying about the pain he might feel in the days that follow the fun. Erection difficulties might follow, meaning that a guy might not even be able to have sex if he wanted to.

Preventing the Pain

Pre-sex planning can sometimes keep painful episodes from occurring. While discussing positions and preferences can be awkward, couples who talk things over might be able to pinpoint the specific actions that are at the root of a painful episode. Couples might also find it easy to make subtle tweaks to their approach if they are open about what's going well and what might be going wrong.

In addition to talking, couples might need to make a few key investments. Lubricants, for example, can make a big difference for men with sensitive penile tissues. These products are designed to stay slick and slippery, even when in-depth acts involving friction are taking place, and that might keep burns and tears from appearing. Couples who like to go for hours at a time might need to reapply those products periodically, too, so that the skin stays buffered during extended play.

If lubricants don't do the trick, condoms can also provide protection without killing the pleasure quotient. A layer of latex applied at just the right moment can buffer the skin from contact with the skin of another, and that might allow sensitive tissues to stay sensitive without being torn apart in the heat of the moment. Condoms can also provide some protection from sexually transmitted diseases, so they can be an added boon for men having sex with new partners.

Improving the overall health of the penis can also be vital for men with ongoing pain, and a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make that easy. Shea butter and Vitamin E included in products like this can help to speed healing in roughened skin, while these emollients and other nutrients can provide skin cells with the building blocks required for healthy, resilient, responsive tissue. In time, a tool nourished by a penis health crème can be ready for almost any challenge, with no pain in the profile.

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