Four Painful Penis Conditions that Merit a Trip to the ER

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    Jun 25, 2013
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When pain strikes below the belt, panic seems like an appropriate response. It's a sensitive area that can bring a guy a significant amount of pleasure, so it makes sense to treat it tenderly and keep it healthy with proper penis care. Some penis pain conditions need more than a little TLC, however, meaning that some situations are best handled with the help of the emergency room. These are just four conditions that might fall into the category of a medical emergency.

Blunt Force Trauma

The penis can get struck by sports equipment, inattentive children or even gardening implements, and blows that do more than just graze the area can cause significant and long-lasting problems. Much of that risk has to do with penis anatomy.

The cells that line the penis are designed to fill up with blood in response to a sexual suggestion. When a blow hits that area, the empty space could be filled to the brim with blood and the swelling can be intense, and intensely painful. It also might not go away without the help of an expert. If a blow to the penis causes intense pain along with bleeding, bruising or deep swelling, it's time to head to the emergency room. The staff may need to stitch the area back together, or they may use ice or compression to keep the swelling from spreading.

Broken Penis

An erect penis, filled with blood, is firm and somewhat inflexible. If a man chooses to move in one direction while his organ is moving in another direction, the stiff fibers could just snap, and the pain can be intense. Any injury to an erect penis that's accompanied by a cracking or snapping sound, along with a change in the appearance of the penis, should be followed by an immediate trip to the emergency room. Surgery might be required to repair the damage, and a man with a broken penis might also need intense painkillers to help him handle the sensation.

Long-Lasting and Unwanted Erections

It might sound like a joke, but some men develop erections that last and last with no break, even when the man doesn't feel aroused or stimulated in any way. The organ just won't relax, even when the action is over and has been over for quite some time. Men who have erections that have lasted for four hours should visit an emergency room for advice. Sometimes, medications can be used to numb the response, but sometimes, medical professionals need to do intensive tests to determine why the erection persists and what can be done about it.

Inability to Urinate

Some painful penis conditions are accompanied by a persistent urge to urinate, and an inability to do so. This is a serious medical emergency, as a body that can't expel waste can simply shut down altogether. The penis pain might move into the kidneys in this situation, and the damage caused might be permanent. In a hospital, a man can undergo testing to determine the cause of the blockage, and he can get appropriate medical treatment to start the flow and prevent the damage. It's best to get that process started as quickly as possible.

Other Solutions

Some conditions aren't medical emergencies, but they can cause intense pain and suffering. Common penis complaints include:

  • Chafing sores from rough clothing
  • Temporary soreness from rough sex
  • Transient pain from uncomfortable bike seats
  • Sore skin from rough masturbation

While a visit to the doctor is never a bad idea when penis pain is involved, at-home care can help a man limp along until his appointment arrives. If the skin isn't open and bleeding, a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be a wonderful addition to home care. Products like this may soothe tender skin, softening the rough edges and allowing feelings of irritation to fade. These products can also nourish the skin, so it may be less vulnerable to pain in the future.

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