Fabulous Penis Sensations - How Acetyl L Carnitine Boosts Sensitivity

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    Nov 11, 2013
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Fabulous Penis Sensations - How Acetyl L Carnitine Boosts Sensitivity Photo by John Dugan

If 100 men were polled about their sex lives and asked what would make it better, it’s not too hard to imagine what types of things would be on that list. Most men desire to have a bigger penis, last longer in bed, be ready for back-to-back romps in the hay, and achieve mind-blowing orgasms for themselves - and hopefully their partners - each and every time they slip between the sheets. Ironically, much of that can be achieved by the average man if he simply spends a little more time caring for his penis and maybe a little less time simply wishing for a better sex life. Sadly, however, unless Santa Claus has begun fulfilling some rather adult wishes these days, the size of one’s penis is not going to be drastically changed - without the aid of a seriously expensive and painful surgery! Luckily, a man can still experience fantastic penis sensations with the equipment he was born with, so long as he takes care of it and maintains a healthy penis throughout adulthood.

Why Penis Sensation is Key

Most men rarely take the time to really stop and think about the functioning of their penis. As long as it comes to attention in a reasonable amount of time and gets the job done, the penis is fulfilling its primary sexual duties. However, if a man takes pause, and even does some casual exploration of his penis, he may realize it does not have the same sensitivity level it once did. A man reflecting back to early sexual experiences may remember a day when the slightest touch could drive him wild, or even the delicate brush of a feather could nearly send him over the edge. Whereas today, it may take rough stimulation or a 5-minute blowjob for him to become hard enough to actually have sex. Now, while it is true that few men long for the days of middle school when walking briskly in a pair of corduroy pants could inspire an embarrassing erection, no guy wants to waste time coaxing his penis to come out and play when the time is right. Now, what’s the main factor that determines if a guy’s manhood snaps to attention in an instant or slowly slouches its way up to standing? Sensation. Simply put, the less sensitive a guy’s penis is, the longer it takes - if ever - to achieve erection and vice versa.

What causes loss of penis sensation?

Most men are none too gentle with their member; years of vigorous masturbation and sexual activity gradually causes desensitization from the harsh friction. In fact, even non-sexual activity can add insult to injury and reduce sensitivity to the area. Friction from blue jeans, drying soaps, and even chemicals in laundry detergents can all damage the delicate skin of the penis, making it less sensitive to touch. Imagine the skin on the fingertips and how it becomes calloused, thickened and tough through repetitive labor. A finger with a callous perceives fewer sensations than one without the thick skin, which is essentially what happens to the penis over time, but to a lesser degree.

Can anything prevent loss of sensation in the penis?

Acetyl L Carnitine - or ALCAR for short - has been found to have penis health benefits in terms of penile sensitivity. ALCAR works on the penis by repairing and renewing damaged nerve cells while also helping the body grow new, healthy nerve cells. New, healthy nerve cells, in turn, lead to an increased sensitivity of the penis itself. ALCAR not only helps to heal old damage to the nerve cells; it also protects future damage through its neuroprotective properties. Applying a penis vitamin cream that contains ALCAR (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is the perfect way to ensure the penis gains all the benefits of this powerful ingredient. Daily application can repair old nerve damage, while preventing future damage and loss of sensation.

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