Curved Penis It May Be More Than a Cosmetic Problem

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    Feb 03, 2013
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Curved Penis It May Be More Than a Cosmetic Problem Photo by John Dugan

Statues of the Egyptian fertility god Min show a man with his head held high and his penis standing out perfectly straight, just like a diving board. For the vast majority of men, a straight penis like this is unfamiliar. Curves to the right or left, or even minor bends to the north or south, are common even among healthy men, and typically, a curved penis needs no treatment at all. There are times, however, when a minor bend becomes a major obstacle to satisfying sex. These men might have Peyronie's disease, and it's possible that they'll need medications, surgery or both. Preventing the condition from taking place is the best solution, and penis health care  tips could help men to do just that.

Blocking the Flow

The tissue on the inside of a penis looks like a sponge, full of open chambers that are ready to accept a rush of blood. When a man is aroused and the juices begin to flow, blood rushes into those open cells and the penis moves from being soft and pliant to hard and firm. All of the cells move as one, filling at the same rate and moving from a soft position to a strong position with the arrival of blood.

Men with Peyronie's disease have pockets of scarred cells that won't fill with blood and therefore won't respond when blood enters the area. These are the resistant cells that hold their position, no matter what the cells around them might do, and these resistant cells can cause a pivot point around which the healthy cells bend and curve.

This can be painful, and a sharp pain downstairs could keep men from entering into sex with their partners. Some men may even develop difficulty obtaining an erection, as the fear of pain keeps their tissues from responding as they should.

Preventing the Problem

Men can become obsessed with their curving, twisting organs, dashing to the Internet to diagnose a terrible disease when their penis tissues might actually be considered normal, healthy and beautiful to outsiders. If the curve isn't severe, doesn't cause pain and doesn't interfere with a healthy sex life, there's nothing for men to worry over. In fact, they can enjoy a robust life, with one small caveat.

Rough, forceful movements during sex can cause the penis to bump up against bone, and this could cause damage within the cells of the penis. Kama Sutra positions that involve deep thrusting could be particularly damaging, if a man is lost in the moment and isn't quite paying attention to his partner's movements. In general, it's best to move slowly and deliberately, avoiding any quick movements that could give the man's body a painful shock.

Taking Care

Taking care during a penis erection is of vital importance, but there are things men can do to improve health, even when the heat of the moment has passed. Clothing choices might top the improve-the-penis list. Wearing clothing that provides adequate support could help men to avoid brushing up against the inside of their zippers, day in and day out. The skin of the penis needs to stay sensitive, and rough clothing could scrape away vital cells and lower sensitivity levels. Going commando could also leave a man open to sports- or activity-related injuries to his nether regions. By choosing clothing that maximizes protection and decreases flopping action, men could be taking very important steps toward long-term penis health.

The skin might also deserve a little pampering. A  penis health creme (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) has nutrients and vitamins that can enhance the healing ability of the skin, and keep rough treatment from resulting in scar tissue. Applying this crème on a daily basis, as part of an overall skin care regimen, could help men retain their supple, smooth, straight attributes, no matter what the day might bring.


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