Penis Sensitivity - Is Your Clothing "Deadening" Your Tool?

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    Aug 20, 2014
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Penis Sensitivity - Is Your Clothing "Deadening" Your Tool? Photo by John Dugan

Guys like to dress sharp and show off their assets to potential partners, but in some cases, their sartorial choices can have a negative effect on their penis sensitivity. Certain types of clothing may cause a small but perceptible loss of sensation in the member - and that's something all men want to avoid to protect their penis health.

Penis sensitivity

For many men, "penis sensitivity" means that their penis is perhaps too sensitive: the intense feelings that stimulation provides results for them in premature ejaculation. For these men, the idea of a "loss of sensation" may be welcome as a possible corrective to shooting faster than they would like.

In practice, however, loss of sensation in the penis can be an even bigger problem. The nerve endings that run throughout the penis are essential to making sex the incredible, enjoyable experience that it should be.

Loss of sensation

So what happens when there is a loss of sensation - or penis "de-sensitization," as it may also be called?

If the nerves are not operating at an appropriate level of sensitivity, a man doesn't get the same intensity of feeling when his penis is being stroked, fondled or inserted into a waiting orifice. Without an appropriate level of sensitivity, his orgasm will not feel as strong or as invigorating as he desires. When the loss of sensation is more severe, it may make it more difficult for him to achieve an erection.

Clothing choices

So how does choice of clothing affect penis sensitivity? Essentially, there are two clothing-related characteristics that can have an impact: tightness and material choice.


Women love to see a good looking man wearing a pair of trousers that is nicely snug in the seat and crotch. Exactly how tight is a matter of individual preference: some women like just enough to provide a suggestion of what a man is packing behind his zipper. Others may be more amenable to a look that has come to be called the "visible penis line," in which the equipment is very clearly outlined through the clothing.

It's probably safe to say that men with a sizable penis prefer this latter option and may go all out in order to show off their bulging packages: they choose clothing that is as tight as possible, giving them the "pants painted on" look.

Unfortunately, clothes that are too intensely tight can constrict the penis, causing some damage to the nerves and leading to a loss of sensation.

Material choice

Another clothing culprit is rough material. As is logical, most underwear is made of materials such as cotton that are soft and easy on the tool. However, some underwear can be made of blends or other materials that may irritate a particular man's member. In addition, some men enjoy wearing leather underwear, which can often irritate the sensitive penis skin.

Rough material is usually more of an issue for men who go "commando;" that is, they opt to not wear underwear at all. Denim jeans, wool pants and other coverings which are normally just fine can be far too rough on the bare, exposed penis. There is also, of course, the added danger of catching the member in a zipper in these situations. The rubbing against rough material, unprotected by underwear, can have a negative effect on the nerves in the manhood.

Wearing clothing made of appropriate materials that fits snugly, without constricting the penis, is generally the best option. However, when clothing choices (or other factors) do result in loss of sensation, men can find some relief through the application of a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). What's essential is choosing a cream with acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that helps fight peripheral nerve damage and restore sensitivity. It's even better if the cream also contains alpha lipoic acid, which reacts synergistically with acetyl L carnitine to maintain and improve penis health.

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