Foreskin Restoration Can it Improve Penis Sensation?

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    Feb 10, 2014
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Foreskin Restoration Can it Improve Penis Sensation? Photo by John Dugan

In recent years, the customary practice of circumcising male infants has come into question, with critics arguing that it is an unnecessary surgery that results in loss of penis sensation. There may be some validity to this argument, because an exposed glans is more likely to develop thicker, less-responsive skin as a result of exposure to clothing and the environment. For men who want the experience of having an intact prepuce, foreskin restoration may be an option. Supporters believe that restoring the foreskin can have important physiological and psychological benefits, from increased sensitivity to improved body image to relief from anger issues related to childhood circumcision. The various techniques and penis care options discussed below may help men to make an informed decision about their penile health.

Surgical foreskin restoration

Surgical restoration of the foreskin involves grafting skin from another part of the body - usually the scrotum - to the shaft of the penis. While this procedure does not replace the nerve and mucosal tissues lost to circumcision, it can give the appearance of a normal, uncircumcised penis and help to protect the glans from exposure to the outside world. Some men report improvement in sensation related to the procedure, although serious complications may also result from the skin graft. Because of this, various organizations advise strongly against this option, urging men to consider non-invasive techniques at restoration instead.

Non-surgical methods

Men who prefer not to go the surgical route have other options, such as stretching the existing skin of the shaft until it covers the glans. This is often done using a type of traction device that pulls the existing skin downward and holds it in place; weights may also be used to place tension on the skin. As the skin stretches downward, new skin cells form, and depending on the time and dedication a man puts into the procedure, a certain amount of skin may be "grown" to give the appearance of a natural foreskin.

Results can be mixed and depend on the individual’s cell generation rate, as well as his level of patience - it can take several years to grow a satisfactory amount of skin. In addition, the new skin may have a looser appearance than a natural foreskin; and some men have reported problems keeping the glans covered.

Whether or not to attempt restoring the foreskin through surgery or skin-stretching techniques is a decision that men should make in together with their healthcare providers; anyone considering such a procedure should be sure to get all the related information on side effects, as well as the psychological aspect of foreskin restoration.

Artificial/prosthetic foreskins

For those who are not convinced that either of the preceding options will work for them, there are a variety of artificial or prosthetic foreskins available that can be used to protect the penis. These range from soft fabrics with a Velcro closure to latex covers that maintain the glans in a warm, moist environment. Users have reported a significant improvement in sensation after several weeks of use.

Nutrient creams for increased penis sensation

Whether a man chooses to pursue one of these approaches, improving penis sensation is within easy reach for those who have lost sensation as a result of aggressive masturbation or sex. Circumcised or not, treating the skin of the penis with a nutrient-rich penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can restore moisture to this sensitive area, as well as providing the nutrients that are essential for the repair and maintenance of penile skin and nerve tissue. A daily application of a penile crème may be all that some men need to experience a more sensitive, healthier penis.

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