Penis Care and Protection Boosting Penile Health with Vitamin D

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    May 27, 2013
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Penis Care and Protection Boosting Penile Health with Vitamin D Photo by John Dugan

The skin that surrounds the penis is a bit like the plastic wrapper on a candy bar: It keeps the product inside fresh and protected from the elements, and if the wrapper is attractive enough, a consumer might be persuaded to give that product a closer inspection. Keeping that skin healthy should be at the top of any man's penis health priority list, and Vitamin D could play a key role. Unfortunately, the average guy might not be getting enough of this element to meet his needs, unless he adds a supplement.

Basking in the Benefits

Producing Vitamin D is relatively easy: Men can just bare their arms to the bright sunshine for about 30 minutes twice each week. The golden rays pierce the upper layers of the skin and all of the chemical reactions take over from there. No thought, movement or action is needed at all.

Modern men might not feel comfortable stripping down to the waist and lolling about in the sunshine without sunscreen, however, as skin cancer has been tied to excessive sun exposure. It's a dangerous problem, and as a result, many men have been coached to slather on sunscreen each and every time they leave their homes when the sun is present, and those products can block Vitamin D production. Additionally, some men live in climates in which the sun just doesn't show up for weeks on end. As a result, men might have a deficiency of this vitamin, and their penile skin could pay the price.

When vitamin levels are running low, the body has to make key decisions about where to apply the supplies it does have, and the penis might lose out in these equations. Vitamin D is needed for vital structures, including the bones and the heart, and the body might choose these systems over the skin on a regular basis. In time, if the deficiency continues, a man might have a flaky, unresponsive tool due to this lack of nutrition.

Adding a Supplement

Since Vitamin D is so important to human health, it's been added to all sorts of products, including:

  • Tofu
  • Orange juice
  • Cereal
  • Vitamin pills
  • Milk

These supplemental items can add a Vitamin D punch to almost any diet, but they might not provide the most direct route to penile health. After all, these substances must also work their way through the digestive tract, and they might also be diverted to other body systems at almost any point in the process. Oral supplementation can also be dangerous for people who hope to ensure robust health by loading up on vitamins.

Vitamin D is fat soluble, meaning it doesn't tend to leave the body with ease. People who load up on the vitamin by taking mega-doses on a regular basis could end up with too much, and they could develop serious health problems as a result. In fact, people who take in huge amounts of oral Vitamin D could develop calcium deposits in their blood. It's a rare side effect, but it's certainly possible for people who go overboard with the vitamins on a regular basis.

Sliding to Good Health

A topical application of Vitamin D allows men to put the nutrition right where it's needed most, and the risk of overdosing with a topical cream is incredibly small. The body just doesn't tend to absorb toxic amounts of vitamins through the skin, so applying the products topically seems to provide the safest route to robust health.

A penis health creme fortified with Vitamin D (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains all of the nutrition a man needs for robust penis health, and it's fun to apply. A small amount can just be rubbed into the skin of the penis after a warm bath or shower. Good health never felt so good, and a penis health creme can make it all happen.

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