Eliminating Penis Bumps One Mans Efforts to Zap Unsightly Blemishes

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    Jul 10, 2014
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Eliminating Penis Bumps One Mans Efforts to Zap Unsightly Blemishes Photo by John Dugan

Most men who are dealing with penis bumps suffer in silence. They surf the net, hoping to stumble across stories of other people who have symptoms that sound just like theirs, and they check their equipment hourly to see if the lumps have gotten bigger or smaller. Living with that kind of anxiety and worry is simply awful, and thankfully, one reader agreed to share his story of the feelings he had when he spotted changes on his penile skin. He also shares the penis care tips he used to get better. This information could prompt some men to make the necessary changes to get over their own penis-related concerns.

Mark's Story

"I've had little white bumps on the bottom of my penis for as long as I can remember. I got them long before I started having sex, so I knew they weren't caused by an STD or anything like that. But I was also pretty sure that other guys didn't have them. They just didn't seem normal."

"At first, I'd squeeze them and try to pop them, just like you'd pop a zit. Sometimes, a little white stuff would come out, but sometimes, I couldn't get anything to come out at all. And popping them didn't make them go away, either."

"As I got older, I started noticing that they were spreading. Pretty soon, I had these things sort of climbing up my shaft, until I had speckles on the head of my penis, too. That was the worst, because I had just started having sex and I was terrified that some girl would notice these spots and think I was a freak or something."

"I went to the doctor and was told that these were harmless, but they didn't feel harmless at all to me. I thought they were really hideous, and they just looked and felt wrong to me. I wanted to get rid of them altogether, or at least make sure that they didn't grow bigger or anything."

"To be honest, I spent a lot of time worrying about this. It seemed like this was always on my mind, no matter what I was doing and whatever else I had going on in my life. I was just terrified, and I was just sure the whole thing would never get better."

"But one day, I just decided that I needed to make some changes, you know? I couldn't keep on worrying and pacing and stuff. I needed to actually do something about this. So I started changing things up a little."

It is important to point out there that a large number of men have raised bumps on their penile skin. While there can be a variety of causes, the most common is a condition known as Fordyce spots, which are the result of overactive sebaceous glands in the skin.

What He Did

Although these bumps can appear on any individual, people like Mark sometimes erupt in spots because they don't always keep the area clean, dry, well-ventilated and groomed.

When the penis is always slightly moist and a little dirty, pores can become blocked, and whiteheads can form. By making a commitment to a daily wash, and swapping out stifling clothing made of synthetic fibers like polyester for more breathable fabrics, men can improve the conditions down there, and that could make blocked pores a little less likely.

Mark also made a commitment to overall penis health. That meant he started paying a little more attention to his masturbation techniques. Rather than skipping the lube and using fast-and-forceful movements, he started treating his equipment just a bit more gently. This step can't impact the appearance of bumps, of course, but it can make the penis a more sensitive tool, and it can help men to avoid the skin damage that comes with rough masturbation.

A penis health crème can also be a vital addition for men like Mark. The nutrients found in quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) are specifically designed to support the skin, nerves and cardiovascular system of a man's tool, and when the skin is nourished in this way, it's less likely to erupt into lumps and bumps.

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