Dry Orgasm Potential Health Hazard or Easy Cleanup?

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    Oct 14, 2013
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Dry Orgasm Potential Health Hazard or Easy Cleanup? Photo by John Dugan

Let’s be honest. Sex can get messy, real messy. Most couples establish a sort of post-sex routine to deal with the orgasmic aftermath, which may include a trip to the bathroom, a quick rinse in the shower, a towel for clean up stashed under the bed and so on and so forth. Bonus points for those couples that just have sex in the shower to avoid the messy clean up altogether! So what does it mean when the unexpected happens and there is nothing to clean up? Dry ejaculation, or retrograde ejaculation, is a condition in which a man seems to have a dry orgasm, as in no semen coming out. Learn more about this relatively uncommon occurrence and what it can mean for penis health for men who experience it.

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is a fancy medical-sounding term that essentially means the ejaculate flows backwards up the urethra and is deposited into the man’s bladder, rather than being expelled from his penis upon orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation is a specific type of ejaculation disorder, wherein a man does experience the sensation of an orgasm, but without a typical ejaculatory response. This condition can be experienced during masturbation or intercourse with a partner. Some men actually do not notice the problem right away, particularly if they are having sex without a condom to catch the ejaculate, as it can feel like an ordinary orgasm so they may not notice an absence of semen.

What causes retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation most commonly occurs in men who have had a prostate or urethral surgery, who have diabetes, or are on certain medications. High blood pressure pills and anti-depressants have been especially linked to retrograde ejaculation. In some instances, men who have been holding off on an orgasm for a prolonged period of time during a sexual escapade -- especially if they were using their thumb or a cock ring to place pressure at the base of the penis -- may be more likely to experience retrograde ejaculation in the absence of an actual medical condition, simply because the normal flow of semen was under pressure at the time of orgasm.

Are there any symptoms or side effects?

For most men, the most obvious symptom of retrograde ejaculation is the absence of semen, or a very reduced amount, compared to the volume usually ejaculated. The first urination post-sex may be quite cloudy, as the semen is mixed in with the urine, but there is no harm in the semen ending up in the bladder. The biggest risk of a man experiencing retrograde ejaculation is infertility, which stands to reason, as it would be quite difficult to get one’s partner pregnant when semen is not moving in the right direction!

What are the treatment options?

Depending on the cause of the retrograde ejaculation, treatment may or may not be possible. If a certain medication is to blame, switching medications may fix the problem. If diabetes or surgery is the cause of the problem, a doctor may recommend using certain medications to help resolve the problem, such as those with epinephrine-like qualities. However, in cases where diabetes or surgery is the cause of the condition, it is also possible that the problem is permanent. Seeking medical attention at the first sign of dry ejaculation provides the best chance of correcting the problem.

How can one keep the penis healthy?

Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep the penis - and ejaculatory response - healthy. Men who struggle with diabetes should strive to maintain excellent control over their blood sugar to keep dry ejaculation - as well as erectile dysfunction - at bay. Avoiding drugs that are known to cause retrograde ejaculation is another way to keep the penis healthy. Unfortunately, in some cases such as men who have had surgery or severe diabetes, it is not possible to prevent retrograde ejaculation, but that doesn’t mean one still cannot enjoy a healthy sex life. Daily use of a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help increase circulation and oxygenation to the penis, which is important in maintaining a healthy, functioning erection. A specially formulated penis cream can also increase sensitivity, which may make for a more enjoyable sexual experience. Simply apply daily and enjoy the benefits of a healthier penis.

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