Could it be Lowered Testosterone?

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    Oct 30, 2012
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Rarely do males, 50 years of age and above, consider the two words, lowered testosterone, used, nor even considered in their mostly-ignored medical wordbook.

Recently, out of the perpetual blue, extreme depression, unusual, unrelenting tiredness, sudden loss of sexual desire, and the worst part of this newly-born occurrence: A profound desire to live a hermit-like existence, almost destroyed my life.

Many 50+ year old males would interpret these symptoms as simply  'aging'; NOT spin-offs from lowered testosterone.
After all, the 'over 50 gang' regularly self diagnose these comparable symptoms as being 'normal'.
Suffering 10 months from the above-described ailments,  and with chronically-increasing intensity, I reluctantly made an appointment for a visit with my PCP.
Upon honestly reporting my continuing symptoms, my doctor ordered blood tests for several diseases that fit my hit-or-miss symptoms . . . one test was prescribed for lowered testosterone.
After waiting an entire week for a phone call reporting the test results, I was relieved to find that many of the suspected culprits were eliminated. However, one test did reveal a problematic area referred to in the medical world as hypogonadism: More defined as lowered testosterone, or Low T. 
Although mainly affecting the male population, 50 years of age and older, lowered testosterone does not distinguish among male, female and age groups. Many cases of lowered testosterone are yearly reported among females and males as young as 19 years, although the vast majority reside in the 50+ category.
The human body is designed to emit feedback when a system is out of order. Navigating the occasional stormy waters of life has brought you to a place some refer to as "The Golden Years."  One should be active and possess an overall feeling of well-being throughout this time of life. Do not simply attribute deep depression or extreme tiredness as being normal. Lowered testosterone is a serious condition that should be treated.
Treatment comes in the form of a cream or pill, depending on your preferred method. A simple blood test reveals this condition known as lowered testosterone. You have the power of decision to control it or become its victim. Choose wisely to truly enjoy your Golden Years.  

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