Nipping Penis Pain in the Bud - Simple Solutions for Banishing Blue Balls

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    Jul 31, 2013
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Nipping Penis Pain in the Bud - Simple Solutions for Banishing Blue Balls Photo by John Dugan

In a perfect world, the mere suggestion of sex would lead to an intense workout that left both partners feeling spent, sated and fulfilled. There are times, however, when sex is interrupted for one reason or another. The man's brain may be ready to comply with the order to stop work, but the man's body might still hold out hope that something wonderful will happen. In extreme cases, a man can develop a sore penis and a persistent case of blue balls. While the condition certainly isn't fatal, it's also just not fun. There are a few penis care techniques that can make the problem fade away.

Understanding the Cause

While developing an in-depth knowledge of penis anatomy won't help men to cure their discomfort, it might be helpful to know that blue balls develop due to very healthy, and very useful, natural processes.

When a man is presented with a sexual stimulus, his brain prepares for sex by sending a significant amount of blood directly to the vital body part. Meanwhile, the veins that would usually carry that blood away close off and shut down. It's this phenomenon that allows for an erection to form, as trapped blood allows the erectile tissues to stiffen and harden. Much of that blood remains in the penis, but it also pools in the testicles and surrounding areas.

This blood is designed to stay in place until a man reaches an orgasm. At that point, his brain releases chemicals that tell the veins to open up, allowing all of that blood to leave the area and let the tissues relax to their normal, flaccid state. If that signal of ecstasy never arrives, however, that blood may become trapped, and as it loses oxygen, it begins to turn blue - thus leading to the mythical condition affectionately known as "blue balls."

Blue Myths

All of this is normal, natural and easy to understand, but few medical textbooks discuss the phenomenon, and the topic rarely crops up during anatomy courses. As a result, men have been allowed to form their own opinions about blue balls, and much of the information they share is just inaccurate. For example, it's often said that blue balls can be catastrophic to a man's fertility and health, leading to clot formation and/or tissue death. It might be a convenient excuse to cite when a partner needs coaxing to continue a sex act, but it's also just not true. In time, the blood will leave the area, and a man won't be harmed at all.

Banishing the Pain

The quickest way to soothe penis pain due to blue balls is also the most obvious: Men can simply engage in a little private time until they come to their own pleasure response. Men who can't make that happen may find relief through:

  1. Distraction. Thinking about things that have nothing to do with sex can convince the brain that the time for play has passed.
  1. Exercise. Stretching the muscles can entice the brain to shift needed blood from the groin to other areas of the body.
  1. Deep breathing. Slow and steady breathing can also serve to convince the brain that sexy time is over.
  1. Elevating the hips and feet. Blood is a fluid, and it's subject to the rules of gravity. Putting the hips up a little higher can entice that liquid to slide downhill to the head, rather than pooling in areas in which it's not wanted.
  1. Icing. Holding a cold or frozen object close to the abdomen stimulates the blood to rush to the core of the body in order to keep it warm; as the blood leaves the groin area, things should return to normal.

Everyday Care for the Manhood

In order to ensure that the penis is ready for action, daily care is needed. Men can treat their penis right by keeping it clean, eating right, and drinking plenty of water. In addition, applying a moisturizing penis creme can help to keep the package in top-notch condition. While a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can't ameliorate penis pain due to blue balls, a product like this can make the penis a bit more sensitive and responsive, so a man can achieve bliss more easily. Men who use products like this might find it easier to release their blue balls pain, or they may not ever develop the condition in the first place, as action might always equal intense pleasure.

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