Caring for a Sore Penis - 5 Household Treatments that Should Never be Used

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    Aug 23, 2013
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Caring for a Sore Penis - 5 Household Treatments that Should Never be Used Photo by John Dugan

The penis is an easy target for DIY solutions. It's just hanging out there, waiting to be handled, and a sore penis almost always demands attention. Unfortunately, men hit with discomfort might be tempted to rummage in the family medicine cabinet, hoping to find the perfect penis first aid treatment that could spare them an embarrassing trip to the doctor's office. If these men lean on one of the five treatments mentioned below, they might regret their decision. These products tend to do even more damage, and that discomfort might require more aggressive penis health care.

1. Acne Cream

Blocked pores can manifest as painful penis pimples that are also just nasty to look at. Acne medications might seem like an excellent solution, as they can treat the underlying infection and dry up inflammation, but these products also tend to be a little too effective. In fact, they can dry penile tissues to a husk in mere hours. Warm compresses and time are better treatments for penis acne, as these tend to leave no damaged skin behind.

2. Liquid Bandage

Cuts and lacerations can be irritating, particularly for men who don't allow their equipment to heal in peace. While liquid bandage products can form a tight seal that can keep seepage from occurring, the applicator tips are notoriously fickle, and some men have sealed their parts together inadvertently. It's best to leave the applications of liquid solvents to the experts, meaning that men with cuts really need to head to the doctor instead of rummaging about in the cupboard at home.

3. Tea Tree Oil

This natural product has significant antifungal and anti-infection properties, but it's also known to leave a kiss of a sting behind. Men who use this product report sensations akin to being lit on fire, particularly if the product has the opportunity to dribble into the urethra. Infections are, again, best addressed with the help of an expert, as the treatments medical professionals might provide are less likely to cause a burning sensation.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

On a similar note, swabbing the penis with rubbing alcohol can also lead to bouts of crying and cursing, as this liquid tends to irritate delicate tissues and produce stinging sensations. Alcohol products can also be extremely drying, leaving behind skin that is cracked and extremely sensitive. Washing the penis takes nothing more than water and gentle friction, thankfully, so alcohol is never really required.

5. Toothpaste

Men who want their nether parts to sparkle with minty freshness might be inspired to grab their tube of toothpaste and slather away. These products do absolutely nothing positive for penile tissue, as they're not even designed to be used on the skin. Stinging is common after the application of a product like this, as is dry and chapped skin.

Common Sense Alert

Most products that line a family's medicine chest just aren't designed for the delicate tissues a man tucks into his pants each morning. When a man has a sore penis, visiting a doctor is always a good step. Using a little common sense might also be helpful, as a sore penis is best treated with:

  • Rest
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Cool baths
  • Breathable clothing

A penis health creme might also be a valuable part of a man's healing program. These products contain ingredients that can nourish healthy skin, helping to prevent injury, and the soothing emollient ingredients can allow dead and damaged skin to slough off and make room for the healthy and radiant skin that lies beneath. Quality products (health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a valuable part of any man's medicine chest.

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