Mens Sexual Health Missteps - Preventing Accidental Overuse

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    Sep 19, 2013
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Mens Sexual Health Missteps - Preventing Accidental Overuse Photo by John Dugan

There is many a man who has questioned the potential pitfalls of frequent sex and self-pleasuring. Does it decrease fertility? Damage the penis? Make sex less enjoyable? Learn more about the potential downside of too much loving and how to change the routine to keep the penis healthy.

Is too much sex bad for the penis?

Well, that is a loaded question (pun intended). By and large, the answer is no, a man can’t have sex too often in terms of causing serious physical harm to his penis. Also, contrary to folklore and old wives tales, he cannot "use up" all his sperm; what’s more, masturbation does not cause sterility, and - believe it or not - he will not grow hair on the palms of his hands from engaging in too much self-love! Now, even though there are no major pitfalls to the act of love - or self-love - it is possible for a man to injure himself based on the way in which he goes about it. Overly aggressive sessions can cause damage to the penile skin, but luckily, in most cases, the damage is not permanent.

How can sexual activity cause penis injury?

By the time a man reaches adulthood, he may believe that he has perfected his masturbatory technique. He likely knows exactly what he likes, and is an expert at a using the perfect speed and pressure he needs to get there. And when he becomes experienced at partner activity, he may quickly develop a repertoire of the most titillating moves. But what if the technique he is using is harmful to the penis? It is possible that a man can use too much pressure or thrust, which can cause microscopic damage to the penis that, over time, adds up to a big problem. Learn some common sexual pitfalls and how to tweak the technique to keep the penis healthy.

Problem: Too much friction. When the delicate skin of the penis receives too much friction, it can become damaged and irritated. In some cases, the naked eye cannot see this damage, but the penis skin burns a bit on contact or becomes sore. In a more serious case, the skin may show signs of redness, cracking skin or even bleeding. Luckily, in most cases, a sensation of pain is present before a man damages his skin badly, but sometimes -- in the heat of the moment -- it can go unrecognized.

Solution: Use a high-quality lubricant. Some men simply reach for a bedside lotion or -- even use saliva when doing the deed -- but that simply does not protect the skin in the same way as a quality lubricant. Experiment with the amount needed to keep things gliding smoothly and reduce friction—men who previously hadn’t used lube may find the happy side effect that it feels better!

Problem: Too fast or too aggressive. When guys are exploring their sexuality -- often behind a closed bedroom or bathroom door - they may fear getting caught and therefore engage in rapid, aggressive thrusting or stroking to get the deed done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that sexual response becomes learned and may become the only way that a man can experience pleasure. This style may cause accidental injury such as bending or torsion of the penis, or it can lead to penile tissue damage over time, as the skin cells become toughened and resistant to sensory pleasure.

Solution: Slow it down! Explore different sensations and types of stimulation. It may take some time, but the body can be trained to respond to new, safer types of stimulation over time.

Protecting against overuse injury

Whether a man is flying solo or enjoying time with a partner, there are instances in which all caution may be forgotten in the heat of the moment. While the best course of action is to resist this temptation, men can also take precautions to help their penile tissue withstand the stress of aggressive use.

Applying a daily penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains protective vitamins and emollients can be an ideal way to nourish the delicate tissues of the penis and make them more resistant to injury. A specially formulated penis cream contains penis-specific ingredients like Vitamins A, C and D for healthy, resilient skin; as well as amino acids ALCAR and L-arginine for better nerve tissue response. Moisturizing agents like Shea butter round out the protective qualities of a penis cream by locking in moisture and helping to prevent friction injuries.

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