Burning Penis Pain What to Do When It Hurts to Pee

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    Jan 07, 2014
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Burning Penis Pain What to Do When It Hurts to Pee Photo by John Dugan

Ouch! Nothing gets a man’s attention faster than the feeling of passing fire at the urinal. Any man who has experienced painful urination knows that it is nothing to be taken lightly. Not only is it a particularly painful predicament, but penis pain on urination could be a sign that medical attention is needed. Read on to learn some possible causes behind this prickly problem, as well as lifestyle tips for keeping the penis healthy and pain free.

Why does it hurt to pee?

  • Is it an undiagnosed UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)? Probably the most common culprit for painful urination in women, UTI’s are less common among men, but they are still a frequent occurrence. A UTI may originate when nasty bacteria make their way up the urethra, leading to an immune system response. A UTI brings with it a frequent urge to urinate - even though only a few drops of urine may be released - and an unpleasant burning sensation. Bumping up liquid intake -- especially cranberry juice, has proven benefits for urinary health -- and getting an antibiotic from a doctor should clear the infection up pretty quickly.
  • Could Chlamydia be to blame?: AnSTD can certainly cause pain in the penis; and it often comes with other warning signs, such a sores, lumps, bumps, discharge and fever. In addition to the big C, other sexually transmitted diseases that are commonly associated with penis pain include gonorrhea and herpes. STDs can come with a whole host of other side effects - some serious and some mild - so it is important to get checked out by the doctor any time an STD is suspected. Additionally, it is possible to pass an infection on to a partner even if no symptoms are present; so in addition to always using a condom, men who are sexually active should complete their full regimen of treatment as recommended by their doctor.
  • Should stones be considered? Kidney and bladder stones are definitely a potential cause of pain during urination. Not only do they cause burning, but they can also severely restrict the flow of urine! The final insult of kidney or bladder stones is that they very often have to be passed through the body through the urinary tract.
  • Perhaps the prostate is the problem? An enlarged or infected prostate is yet another potential cause for pain at the urinal. While a chronically enlarged prostate - medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia -- may be more common in men of advanced age, virtually all men are susceptible to a short term infection and inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis. Just like stones, conditions that impact the prostate cause slow and painful urination, which is reason enough to seek medical intervention to get things back to normal down there.

Maintaining Penis Health

No matter what caused the pain to originate, one thing is for sure; any man who suffers from painful urination will want it to subside quickly and stay away forever. While it would be ideal if there was a surefire way to prevent penis pain, very few things in life come with a 100% guarantee. However, there are steps a man can take to keep his penis healthy and reduce his chances of serious problems.

  • Use a condom: Not only does it decrease the spread of STDs; it also prevents yeast and other bacteria from entering the penis and causing unpleasant infections.
  • Answer nature’s call: Sometimes a man has to hold it, as when he is stuck in traffic or an important meeting, but as a general rule - the call of nature should be answered as promptly as possible. Holding urine for prolonged periods of time increases the chance of infection.
  • Practice good hygiene: Showers are our friends. Cleaning the penis with soap and water eliminates unwanted bacteria, which can cause not only infections, but also unpleasant odors. As an added caution, men should also hop in the shower after working out and after sex, even if it is just for a quick rinse, to eliminate bacteria.
  • Use vitamin A: Using a penis health cream that contains vitamin A (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can eliminate infection and odor causing bacteria reducing the chance of infection. A penis health formula that is applied after every shower can provide added protection, as well as leaving the skin health and supple in appearance.

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