How to Use a Beard Trimmer for Perfect Look

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    Dec 31, 2013
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Whether you have a goatee or a full beard, it takes practice to keep it trimmed and uniform. After all, you do love your beard but don’t want to end up feeding your beard instead during mealtimes. It’s not necessary to go from bearded to clean-cut; all you need to do is to trim the beard at regular intervals to keep it manageable.

How do you use a trimmer to trim your beard?

If your beard has reached 5 to 12 mm, it’s time to consider trimming it. Shorter beards are recommended for dark hair while longer beards are good for lighter hair color.

To begin with, keep a comb and a trimmer (preferably with guard settings). Ensure that the scissor is sharp and is used only for cutting only hair. Now use the comb and work down the direction of hair growth. Continue combing until all the tangles and knots are smoothed out completely.

Now fit your trimmers with the long guard setting. Ideally, start out with 3rd to 5th  setting. You can always trim down if you happen to choose a longer length setting but you cannot backtrack if you’ve cut too much.

Begin with the sides of your face above your jawline. Slowly begin trimming towards the center of your face ( It’s important not to hurry because once the hair is cut, you cannot stick it back on so relax). In fact, even if you have a short beard, it’s better to go slow as your beard might end up looking disproportionate.

Ideally, start with the highest guard setting and work your way down to lower guard settings. Keep   combing out your beard to remove the loose clumps of hair. Keep sculpting and thinning as you move down your beard from the sides to the middle. If your trimmer has a precision blade, use this to edge your beard and define it better.

Alternatively you can use a foil shaver for small, hard to reach areas. For shorter beards, I’d personally recommend a rotary shaver for a cleaner, fresher look. Cover smaller areas at a time.

This way you can get a smoother, more even finish than simply catching hold of a huge clump of hair and buzzing it down. Now look at your reflection while critically examining your beard for stray hairs that appear out of line.

Recommended Beard Trimmer - Conair i-Stubble Beard Trimmer

The floating head design is unique because it helps you to glide along the trimmer for a closer trim. The trimmer feels naturally intuitive in your hand and follows your facial without tugging and pulling.

The trimmer comes with 15 different settings ranging from five o’clock shadows to longer beards. Actual length settings vary from 1mm to 5mm. A full charge can give you 40 minutes of cordless trimming at one shot. The design is modernistic and lightweight and a handy LCD display that indicates length setting and battery life.

This trimmer is able to offer precise and detailed trimming that few competing products can match. The best part is that you are able to vary the length settings without changing any attachments.

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