Essential Party Styles Inspired From 2014 Oscars

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    Apr 10, 2014
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Essential Party Styles Inspired From 2014 Oscars Photo by Suresh Kumawat

Walking down the Oscars’ red carpet is an honor for celebrities and a pleasure for us to see the glamor of two worlds. From dresses to jewelry, makeup and accessories, the Academy Award’s red carpet brings you the most iconic fashion that will be the trend for the rest of the year.

So whether it’s a weekend party, a romantic date night or you are preparing for the upcoming summer wedding or want some fashion tips for an updated style, the best of Oscar trends are here to help you.


Muted and pastel hues ruled the red carpet. From Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o to Naomi Watta, Penelope Cruz and even Angelina Jolie (surprisingly she was wearing a muted tone with silver sequins) were flattering the soft tones in different textures, patterns, fabric and styles. Black and sapphire blue were other highlights in colors.

Not only the dresses but the makeup and hair color also had high nodes of beige, nude and natural hues. From lip colors to nail paints, eye shadows and pouts, the makeup was very natural and neutral.

How to adorn the shades:

The dominant shades of red carpet are very subtle and you can easily blend them with your everyday styling. For regular style, try beige and soft pink lip shades with a very light undertone. You can try mixing red with natural shades for an evening outing. Just remember to be flawless and simple.

When choosing dresses, you have an array of colors and it will be good not o stick with one tone. Try to maintain a balance between pastels, neon, bright and dark colors. And make sure you have one black dress and one beige colored dress for the upcoming season.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is clear from the recent red carpet arrivals. Majority of celebrities have opted for diamonds with white gold or platinum mixed with shades of other metals and gemstones. That means white over white is the trend to follow.

If you have classic studs, great! They will rock (many celebrities have donned diamond studs). Trendy dangles, drops and chandeliers were other eye-candies at the event.

Stackable rings and bracelets were another noteworthy style of the award season. And we can’t miss to mention gorgeous and exceptional statement necklaces that were the major attraction of the event trends.

How to flaunt the jewels:

For a personalized look, try mixing your diamonds with colored stones and yellow or rose gold.
You can easily figure out that earrings are a must-have for spring and summer fashion. So if you already own few pairs, flaunt them now. If you think to buy few more, choose statement pieces like aquamarine and diamond earrings of Jessica Biel or Cate Blanchett’s opal dangles.

It is sure that stacking and layering will be in trend for a little longer. So you can think of investing in some sleek rings or bold bangles.

Hair and Makeup

Soft and sensual, the makeup and hair dos added the perfect finishing touch to the glamor of the evening. Sculpted updo, wavy locks, romantic buns, ballerina buns, brushed back, beach waves, curls, and what not! The different hairstyles oozed sophistication and sensuality. Similarly, dramatic lip shades and eye makeup made the style even more impressive.

How to do it right:

You can choose lighter lip shades with glossy touch for day times. Mauve, coral, nude, petal-pink few must-have lip colors for spring and summer. For eye makeup, get the inspiration from Jennifer Lawerance’s almond eyes, Lupita’s cat eyes or Portia’s sky-high lashes.

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