Make your dream of having healthy skin a reality with Chemical Peels!

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    Jan 10, 2014
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Make your dream of having healthy skin a reality with Chemical Peels! Photo by Arran Carper

Medical sector is going through a very progressive phase; especially there is incredible progress in the field of cosmetic and dermatology!

In fact, there are number of treatments which help the aging process slow down and keep it at bay. It helps one to retrieve the youthful as well as a fresh look. Among all the treatments and methods, Chemical peeling is creating flutters, not only among the models and actors, but also among the common people, unrelated to the glamour world.

Virginia Surgical Arts is one of the leading providers of medical grade chemical peels in the Hampton Roads area.  Currently Virginia Surgical Arts features 3 signature peels:  Skin Medica Vitalize Peel, Skin Medica Rejuvenize Peel, and Vivite Glycolic Peel.

The most popular peel in the country, Skin Medica’s Vitalize Peel is a solution that contains a unique blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, resorcinol, and .03% retinoic acid. 

It is believed that this peel is highly effective at treating photo-damaged & aging skin. It significantly improves the skin clarity, tone and texture; without any side-effects.  Hence, this peel is safe to use on the face, chest, back, and hands. 

The next step of aggressiveness is Skin Medica’s Rejuvenize Peel.  It is Skin Medica’s strongest peel with a built-in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer that provides controlled exfoliation of the uppermost damaged layer of the skin.
Moreover, since, the peel has an anti-irritant agent; it does not harm the skin. In fact, this peel will leave the patient with a fresher and healthier skin with minimal down time.
Moreover, it is more effective at treating hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, skin texture and tone.  In addition to this, a series of peels is recommended for optimal results when dealing with significant acne scarred skin.

Another option for chemical peels is the Vivite Glycolic peel.  This peel is ideal for those who are first-timers and have undergone this treatment before. It is more beneficial and useful for those who have never had a professional exfoliation service. 

In addition to this, it is also an excellent choice for patients with acne and sensitive skin.  Since, the Vivite peel penetrates the pores, its effect on an oily or acne prone skin is just remarkable.  The end result of this treatment comes out in form of skin that is less congested and smoother.  This peel offers great results, but like any other peel, a series is recommended for optimal results.

If you are interested in receiving a chemical peel and rejuvenate your face with a younger and healthier look, I strongly encourage you to come to Virginia Surgical Arts for a complimentary consultation. 

It is to be noted that the peels vary in levels of aggressiveness, from no peeling to approximately 5 days of downtime. 

There are peels suitable for every person; condition and texture of the skin at hand as well as their lifestyles.  Allow us the opportunity to join you on your quest for healthier, more beautiful skin!

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The author here highlights various Chemical Peel Virginia Beach treatments at Virginia Surgical Arts. He further comments on how the different treatments can help one to get back the fresh, beautiful and Age-defying skin.

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