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    Feb 26, 2013
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Father-daughter joggers on Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA
Father-daughter joggers on Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA
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The prostate specific antigen is a protein generated by prostate gland cells. Prostate specific antigen or PSA level is measured by its count in the blood. It is measured in nano-grams found per ml of blood sample. Average safe count of PSA for an adult male is 4 mg/ml. Pathological laboratories can identify the correct count of PSA in blood. During the occurrence of prostate cancer, these levels of PSA increase alarmingly. However, certain other conditions also increase PSA level in the blood. Some of these conditions are

• Age – PSA counts increases with aging
• Prostate gland inflammation
• Benign growth observed in the prostate gland
• The PSA count increases if no ejaculation within the last two days of testing

These situations may raise a false alarm. However in cases of doubt, repeated PSA test is carried out. In case of higher levels of PSA in the second test, DRE or digital rectal examination is done to identify the cause. The DRE test identifies the presence of prostate cancer in men who do not show any symptoms. Aging is a predominant reason for prostate cancer. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that men above the age of 50, and those who have a history of cancer in close relations should undergo an annual PSA test. Even major insurance companies cover the annual PSA test under their coverage.

Unmatched importance of PSA tests

High PSA levels could be a warning sign and needs to be considered seriously. However, two types of conditions may occur during the testing of PSA.

• False positive results – In this case, even in the absence of malignant growth, the enhanced PSA levels may create an alarming situation. This is a stressful situation for the patient and family members and may lead to additional tests and medical procedures.

• False negative results – In this situation, even in the presence of malignant growth, the PSA levels do not shoot above the normal levels of counts. This again is a serious situation as doctors and patients may remain under the impression of absence of prostate cancer.

Get the best help in time

Learning about the high PSA level is essential to take the necessary steps in time. The silent and discreet nature of prostate cancer may develop serious complications and make the treatment difficult. However, in case of doubt, seeking help from best medical experts who help to overcome the problem in real time.

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When you are unsure, you can ask experts for precious insight by testing out the PSA level in a reputed health care center.

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