What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

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    Dec 21, 2012
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You may not have ever heard of a naturopathic doctor before and now is the perfect time to learn about them, what they do and how this type of doctor can help get you start feeling like your old self again.  Most likely you are familiar with traditional doctors as well as familiar with some people who shun traditional medicine for a more natural approach.  

A naturopathic doctor takes both of those concepts and blends them together for a more cohesive look at effective healing.  Naturopathic doctors focus on holistic medicine, proactive prevention, and thorough diagnoses with effective treatments.

Naturopathic physicians do not just utilize medicine to treat the body, but instead look toward the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain a healthy status.  It is all about creating both an internal as well as external environment that is optimal for your body to heal and remain in quality health.

How Can a Naturopathic Doctor Help Me?   

Naturopathic physicians can and do help people across the country.  When you find that a traditional doctor isn’t quite connecting with you, a naturopathic doctor may be an excellent choice.  Naturopathy can also be beneficial when you are seeking benefits in overall men’s health but don’t want to resort to simply taking medications.  Naturopathy looks at the whole in order to surround you with the best environment for your body.  You may find that this path puts you in a better position to heal and feel better about the condition of your body.

Naturopathic doctors will take a long time on your first few visits in order to find out everything they can in order to discover the best way to help you.  Unlike a traditional doctor’s visit, a naturopathic physician may take as long as one to two hours in order to learn about your health history, your stress levels, what your diet includes, any use of tobacco or alcohol, and of course the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and what you hope to achieve from their  assistance.  There isn’t a prescription that they will write and send you off with.  They will work with you in every way possible to improve your overall health.

Who Do I Contact?   

Naturopathic doctors can work in clinics, hospitals, and private practices.  It isn’t hard to find a practitioner when you know what to ask for.  In a world where customization is possible at every turn, shouldn’t your healthcare choices include a new path toward wellness? Shouldn’t you have the chance to choose an integrative health plan? From your first visit, we’ll work to learn about the underlying causes behind your health problems, helping you to achieve a state of optimum wellness that is only possible with a comprehensive look at biomedical care. At Integrative Medical Specialists, it’s the only way to wellness.You can contact Integrated Medical Specialists for additional information and discover how naturopathic physicians can benefit you.

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