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    Feb 26, 2013
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prostate seeds
prostate seeds
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Most men may suffer from prostate cancer. Amazingly, men who die due to old age at 80 suffer from prostate cancer and are not aware of it. The silent growth of prostate cancer is detectable through the physical examination by the expert doctors and the pathological tests. The Gleason score is considered the most authentic scale to determine the intensity of prostate cancer. These tests decide the course of further treatment.

Threats and cure:

If prostate cancer spreads beyond the prostate gland, it may create several complications. Stages of cancer are determined by the values from T1 to T4. During primary stages, the cancer growth is limited to the prostate gland. In severe cases lymph nodes, surrounding tissues and even bones can be affected. The worst part about the prostate cancer is that it may not be cured after severe growth. At times, its further growth can be restricted. The prostate gland is removed during surgical treatments. Other treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, Brachytherapy, hormone therapy, and surveillance. The most important aspect of prostate cancer is early detection. More early detection will lead to successful eradication of problem after due treatment.

Elevated PSA – are you a victim of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is commonly observed in elderly men. In BPH, the prostate gland starts to grow abnormally causing complications in urination. The increased size of the prostate gland exerts pressure on the wall of the urethra. This situation leads to problematic urination. This problem is diagnosed by finding elevated PSA counts. During the early stages of the problem, lifestyle control can offer substantial help to control PSA counts. Hectic lifestyle, caffeine, acidic or spicy food, alcohol may increase the severity of the problem.


BPH is usually treated with minimum invasive methods. If the prostate gland is large, it is removed with surgery. For other patients suffering from BPH, effective treatments are

• Laser vaporization
• Transurethral needle ablation
• Transurethral microwave therapies
• Transurethral resection
• Transurethral incision

Most of these treatments do not need surgical processes however; Prostatectomy is the last resource of treatment for the severe growth of prostate.

The whole purpose of the non-invasive treatment is to reduce the growth of prostate and make a way for urine passage. Prostate specific antigen or commonly abbreviated as PSA count plays a vital role in the detection of BPH. Severe problems can be simplified when expert doctors can decide the right action on detection of BPH.

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