Learn how Therapy and Lifestyle Changes can Help Treat Parkinsons Disease Aptly

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    Sep 19, 2013
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Learn how Therapy and Lifestyle Changes can Help Treat Parkinsons Disease Aptly Photo by Jenny Pinto

Parkinson’s disease can be described as a degenerative ailment of the central nervous system. This condition can affect one’s regular movement and moreover decrease the ability to perform certain actions.

What are the signs of this neurological disorder?

Parkinsonism symptoms include:

• Tremors or shaking which usually occurs in the limbs, hands or fingers.
• Reduced ability to move around and simple tasks take more than normal time.
• Stooped posture and unsteadiness.
• Muscle stiffness in any areas of the body which causes discomfort.
• Difficulty speaking and writing.
• Decreased capacity to perform unconscious gestures such as smiling, blinking.
These signs can worsen with time hence it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to handle the condition suitably.

Management of Parkinson’s disease:

Though this ailment cannot be treated completely, there are drugs which can significantly improve the symptoms and help the patient cope better. Individuals suffering from this illness have low concentrations of dopamine in the brain. Parkinson disease medications increase levels of this neurotransmitter and also slow its breakdown in order to prevent distressing signs.

Azilect is a powerful anti-parkinson medication suggested by medical experts. Rasagiline is the main ingredient of the drug which is supplied in the form of tablets. A couple of usage guidelines concerning this medicine include:

1. Prior to using generic Azilect, you must discuss the patient’s medical history with the family physician.

2. Communicate to the doctor about all sorts of medications the patient has taken in the last 2 weeks especially any over-the-counter drugs for cold and cough, ciprofloxacin, antidepressants such as Celexa, Elavil, Zoloft, Sinequan, Cymbalta or Prozac etc. as these might interact with Azilect and hamper its effectiveness.

3. It’s vital to take Rasagiline tablets exactly as prescribed. The healthcare professional may alter the dosing schedule occasionally to ensure better results hence regular check-ups are essential. Once therapy begins, some side effects such as headache, skin rash, faintness, dry mouth or loss of appetite could be noticed in the patient. However, these are mild effects which subside gradually.

4. Treatment should never be discontinued suddenly since it can result in undesirable withdrawal signs. The entire duration of therapy needs to be finished.

Other Useful Tips:

Besides employing medicines, some preventive measures and suggestions that can aid to handle Parkinson’s disease are:

• Teach the patient to walk with care and ways to avoid falls as the ailment can affect normal gait and disturb sense of stability.

• Take the assistance of a dietician who can develop a healthy, nutritious food regime that can be beneficial for the individual.

Living with a mental condition such as Parkinson’s disease can be distressing for both the patient and family but with the right use of medications, lifestyle remedies and most importantly encouragement from loved ones it can be dealt with fittingly.

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