Autism Information- Few Essential Facts About Autism

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    Jul 26, 2013
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#autism #specialeducation #ADHD #awareness @dave_cali
#autism #specialeducation #ADHD #awareness @dave_cali
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Autism is one of the most commonly occurred brain disorders found in children. This kind of disorder affects the natural ability of the children to correspond and connect to the surrounding. If you are looking to help a child with autism it is important that you do your homework since he might have some special requirements. In this write-up we have furnished essential autism information to help you diagnose, identify and connect to a child with the condition.

What do I need to know about autism?

Autism is a disorder that affects one during the early stages of life. It is a lifelong condition that impairs one’s ability to communicate and interact with people. If one isn’t aware of the condition he/she might find an autistic person’s reactions weird.

An autistic child can suffer from several impairments affecting his locomotion, speech, language and even understanding abilities. The degree of severity may vary and some can lead a relatively normal life compared to others.

Asperger syndrome is also a form of autism. People with the condition are often of standard or over-average intelligence but at the same time can still have speech or other impairments.

A person diagnosed with autism often develops over or under feeling of different things like

1. Taste
2.  Colours
3. Sound
4. Light
5. Smell
6. Touch

Such people may have difficulties in

• Social interaction
• Social connection
• Social communication
• Social imagination    

The 5 most common forms of autism as recognized by medical practitioners around the world are as follows:

• Autistic disorder
• Asperger's disorder
• Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified
• Rett's disorder
• Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

People with autism often suffer from acceptance issues in the society. Since they don’t look otherwise disabled, people may find their behavior discontent and unsocial. Parents of children with autism often complain about their child being naughty or adamant without understanding the actual reason.

Timely diagnosis of the condition can help with the treatment. Autism treatment involves mental exercises, behavioural and communication therapy, counseling and assisted learning etc. An autistic child receives special learning and social behavioural education to develop better social skills. Autism can’t be cured completely but early diagnosis can help the child explore his full potential. Since the requirements of every child will be different individual treatment plans need to be developed.

It can take some parents years to realize that their children have autism. Awareness is the key to educate people about the condition and to help them develop sensitive bearing towards autistic person.

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