The Symptoms of Autism and Autism Cure

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    Jun 18, 2013
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Figure 2D
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Autism is primarily a behavioural disorder, which is a result of abnormal brain development.  The symptoms of autism hit within the first three years of a kid’s life.  There is no known autism cure and it is not something that simply goes away on its own.  Everyone who suffers from autism has their unique symptoms and varies in intensity.  While some can live a near normal life, others are likely to suffer because of their lack of communication with the world. 

The symptoms of Autism can be categorised into three different heads:

• Social
• Communicative
• Behavioural

As far as their social skills go, there are some discrete differences from other kids of their age.  Parents often observe the following symptoms:

• Lack of eye contact
• Lack of cooing or babbling
• They do not like being held
• They do not try to share their play with anyone
• They do not respond their name
• They seem detached from their environment
• Have trouble making friends
• Cannot express emotions nor respond to emotions

• They do not laugh or smile and do not respond when smiled at
• Delayed speech, some never speak at all
• Limited vocabulary
• Often repeat what others are saying
• Do not know the social appropriateness of what they are saying
• Cannot understand different tones of voice like sarcasm, humour, anger, etc


• Repetitive actions like hand flapping, rocking back and forth, head banging, etc
• Unusual strictness to routine, e.g. taking a specific route to school everyday
• Fascination with unusual objects
• Like to stare are moving objects like ceiling fans or moving wheels of cars
• Preoccupied with symbols and numbers and have an incredible affinity to facts
• Likes to arrange objects in a certain order and becomes upset if the order is disturbed
• Averse to any kind of change, especially a change in his or her routine or his environment
• Often showing aggression, when realising he is not being understood or that he is unable to understand his surrounding accurately

Presence of too many of the symptoms together, could be an indication that the child is suffering from autism.  Unfortunately, there is no autism cure.  However, there are ways of dealing with the situation.  There are some medications that deal with certain symptoms of autism like high energy levels, lack of focus, depression, aggression or seizures.  The greater difficulties of the disease, however, are treated mostly through therapy.  There are different types of behavioural therapy to help autistic children to live a more ‘normal’ life by teaching them proper ways to learn, interact and function in the society.

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