Network Attached Storage for a Better Storage infrastructure

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    Jul 24, 2013
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IBM 701
IBM 701
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Storage services are very important for large companies where huge databases exist and they need to be properly maintained for the functioning of their business. Hence the use of NAS Storage i.e. Network Attached Storage services are of huge importance these days as they help these companies to store data safely and can also retrieve it when required at a faster rate and the data compression technique also helps in reducing the space required for data to reside in the storage thus providing an increased storage capacity.

NAS Storage provides a wide and varied range of network attachment capability for a broad range of users and clients. The NAS devices are generally bought by the SSP i.e. storage service providers from where these services are rooted to the companies. They also have highly protected data storage as they can be accessed only after a series of verification and security specific formalities. Hence, the storage system is treated as authentic. With correspondence to the protection of data, they also help in increasing the proper utilization of assets, availability and reliability of resources and most importantly at low management costs.

Some other added features of the NAS Storage are that they accommodate the whole of the capacity growth with good performance and handles both the on load streaming file uploads as well as the random access procedures. Cost effective ubiquitous access of files from the system is also another added feature of the NAS where the data can be accessed globally if the network is present there. These storage services also enable cloud storage when data residing in the NAS nears the total limit of the memory, if there is any cloud storage access.
Low cost ownership of the NAS along with proper maintenance and automated life cycle management has made these devices popular. This high speed network access storage helps in the establishment of the proper data network and has little pressure on the system that mainly work in the companies as the majority of the data gets stored on the NAS and can be retrieved whenever required as the transfer rate is in terms of petabytes.

Hence the capability of these NAS Storage systems allows proper file sharing and with the help of content distribution produces a good performance of the storage. And the content distribution also helps in shielding the performance of the software from fluctuating performances along with cutting down unnecessary file replication and hence lowering the storage costs significantly.

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