An Overview of the System x3750 M4

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    Jul 24, 2013
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Millionaire mechanical calculating machine
Millionaire mechanical calculating machine
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The system x3750 M4 that comes in a dense 2U Rack design, offers advanced qualities and features. This system comes with four numbers of processors with a maximum of eight core Intel Xeon E5-4600 series processors. To get the high quality processing speed, this system is built with a maximum of 20 MB cache per processors. The main memory of the system is also very high with the capacity of 1.5 TB via 48 slots. This system provides lots of specifications that will definitely fulfill your business requirements. Flexibility is another important feature of this system that ensures to meet the demands of today’s changing business environment.

To make it more market friendly, it has a huge internal storage of up to 16 TB with 2.5” HDDs and 6.4 TB with 1.8” eXFlash SSD. The PCIe Gen3 expansion slots are designed to give an extensive I/O bandwidth that ensures a good performance and productivity. It comes with three x16 mechanical and x8 electrical full and half length 3.0 slots. The network interface of system x3750 M4 is really advanced with 10 GbE embedded controller that offers dual 10 GbE and 1 GbE ports and with two standard 1GbE Ethernet ports. This particular specification of this system is good enough to meet all the switching requirements by proving a wide range of copper or fiber network options. It also saves the power consumption and thus helps to save cost. With the help this controller, the reliability of the network also increased by the smart management tools that are built into it.

Now it comes to the power supply of the system. There are two options available in the system x350 M4: one is 900W that is considered to be standard and the other one is 1400W that is the maximum. These two available options ensure a good application and system uptime as the potential point of failure gets reduced due the availability of secondary power supply.

The RAID architecture of this system is highly developed with an integrated 6Gbps hardware RAID on the motherboard. It ensures an effective performance in term of the availability of HDDs. The architecture with flash technology also helps to improve the battery life to almost six to seven years, much longer than that of the conventional one year replacement for batteries. This system comes with 2 fronts, 2 back and 2 internal USB ports and with 1 front and 1 back VGA port.

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