Swimming Pool Landscaping

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    Nov 22, 2013
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Swimming Pool Landscaping Photo by Anne  Layman

A swimming pool is often seen as the 'gem' in the property. In fact, more often than not, it even takes on the shape of a gem. A gem on its own however, has limited value - its value increases if it is set in a necklace or some similar setting. The same applies to your swimming pool. To make it the centre of attraction, set your swimming pool at an appropriate location within the landscape so that the human eye follows the contours and ends at the swimming pool.

A swimming pool has a mesmerizing effect on humans. When your swimming pool includes unique lighting, water features, specialty materials and design features, they have a hugely added influence on your property. If your property is landscaped and the pool set within it, the value and the overall attraction increase many-fold.

Just as the precious metal and the gem stones complement each other, so too the Sustainable Landscaping Sydney effort and the swimming pool must both complement each other and not be at odds. There needs to be an elegance to it all coupled with continuous flow of lines.

To achieve a spectacular effect, it is best to use the services of an architect - someone who has had experience Garden planting design around swimming pools, i.e. swimming pool landscaping.

It is best to implement Retaining wall landscaping and a swimming pool together, but oftentimes it might not be practical. For example, one of our clients recently got rid of his tool shed. The resultant space gave him the idea for a swimming pool.

If you end up in a similar situation wherein the swimming pool or the landscape come at a later date, involve an architect to ensure that they still match each other to the best extent possible.

A swimming pool and the landscaping services Sydney are both expensive propositions and it is therefore important you get both of them right at first attempt. Take your time in planning it. See the completed pool and landscape in your mind. Note down ideas as they flow. Think about various accessories that will make your swimming pool and landscape look grand. Think marble fountains and statues.

Take into account even small things such as chemicals used in the swimming pool water - remember also that your swimming pool is likely to contain chemically treated water. Splashes on certain new age tiles might have an adverse effect.

Bali Style Landscaping not only adds beauty to your pool, it also adds privacy and a whole new dimension to your pool. Trees and plants soften the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment (pump house etc.) and help the pool blend more naturally with the surrounding environment. Vines and creepers can be used on screens to add a further layer of privacy.

Swimming pool landscaping can also take care of your fencing needs especially if there are or likely to be small kids running around the pool.

Patios or pool decks can be included in your Commercial Landscaping Sydney and will add a whole new dimension to entertainment.

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