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    Aug 30, 2013
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Landscaping Wall Services Photo by Anne  Layman

Every landscaped property needs a landscape wall that complements the landscape design. Usually this means a picket fence but given the choices available today, landscaping walls can take on a wide variety of shapes, designs and sizes with an equally wide range of features.

Decorative and unique landscaping walls can bring out the very best in your landscape and enhance the overall look of your property.

Most Sydney and Australian local Landscape walls supplies offer full, freestanding walls that range from picket fences made from timber of modern synthetic material to Plantation shutter type fencing that offers excellent privacy and grand looks. Your landscaping walls serve as edges and border mediums between your estate and neighbouring estates. It prevents pets from entering your estate and digging holes in the ground or dirtying the place.

A landscaping wall allows you to be as creative as you like. The basic feature is to demarcate but you can add to it privacy, decorative elements and security. Modern day landscaping walls can help implement state-of-the-art security features that can sound a silent / non-silent alarm if someone attempts to enter the premises by legging over the wall. Automated flood lights and video cameras can be triggered.

The type of Green walls will depend on the existing structure and also the topography of the land. An estate that borders a cliff or where soil erosions are frequent might well require a masonry (concrete-and-stone) landscaping wall. A masonry wall needs to be carefully planned with adequate outlets for drainage otherwise pressure build up due to moisture laden soil can topple it.

Often times a landscaping wall can take the shape of a Vertical green walls. This can happen especially if your estate includes or borders a hill. A retaining wall looks like stone piled straight up against the face of the hill. Its purpose is to prevent soil erosion from seeping into your estate. It also prevents loose rocks and boulders from falling over due to weathering and erosion.

A retaining wall doubling as a landscaping wall too can be quite decorative with inbuilt structures to hold plants. The roots of the plants in turn will hold on to the soil and ensure it stays in place. Because your retaining wall could also be a dam holding in place millions of tons rock and soil, it is important to get the retaining wall done professionally.

Due to the wide variety of Landscaping Walls services available, landscaping wall can vary in cost. The cheapest are those built from synthetic material. But be aware that synthetic material will within a few years, start flaking and begin to look ugly. Opt for landscaping walls that require little or no maintenance and last you a life-time e.g. Aluminium fencing.

Aluminium fencing used as a landscaping wall can be as pretty as traditional landscaping walls. In any case, for an ideal and customized solution that suits your property, it is best to work closely with your landscaping wall service provider or Landscaping walls consultants.

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