Commercial and Residential Landscaping Supplies

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    Sep 18, 2013
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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Supplies Photo by Anne  Layman

Tight budgets and DIY ability has led to folks opting to buy landscaping supplies direct and doing the job themselves. And why not - things such as laying patio pavers is not as complex or complicated as to need the services of a Five-hundred-dollar-a-day professional. Buy the raw material which is basically patio pavers, sand, some piping and some concrete. And you could be done in as little as a day and for just the cost of material.

There are lots of residential and Landscape features experts in Australia. In fact, unless you stay in the middle of nowhere, you'd probably find a commercial and residential landscaping supplier just a few blocks from where you live. If not, just look up sites such as - they have scores of commercial and residential landscaping suppliers listed on their site. Short-list a bunch of them and talk to them. In fact, best would be to go over and check out the latest hardware they have in stock. Manufacturers constantly invent new products that help do the job faster and better.

Most commercial and residential landscaping suppliers offer just about everything you might need for your residential or Commercial landscaping services including Edgers, pavers, steps, landscaping timbers, retaining wall bricks and pillar caps for designing a patio. Some even offer a variety of ground cover materials such as bark nuggets, mulch, wood chips, pebbles, and different types of dressed, undressed or carved stones, rocks as well as play sand. Ask also for accessories and outdoor living kits that help create the ultimate outdoor space for you and the kids.

Here's a summarized version of Commercial landscaping supplies and their use:

Patio pavers - If you have a landscaped area, covering part of it with patio pavers creates a custom touch to your landscape. Patio pavers are versatile and durable and can be used to create simple block driveways to sophisticated patios.

Patio blocks - Most of commercial and Residential landscape designer will stock a wide variety of patio block section wet cast, flagstone and traditional patio blocks.

Retaining wall block - If your landscape or property has a hillside attached to it, you will probably need to construct a retaining wall. The right material for it would be landscaping retaining walls blocks which essentially are high-impact tough concrete blocks. Use them to achieve a strong, stable and attractive retaining wall. Ask your commercial and residential landscaping supplier for colour and size options.

Construction blocks - Need to build a small pump house? Ask for construction blocks that meet or exceeds BCA standards.

Edgers - All residential and Commercial landscaping supplies stock edgers. Edgers are available in a range of colours. Select a colour that best matches the lawn and the surroundings in your property. Edgers add definition to a garden or lawn and help prevent the grass from being trampled over. Edgers also help control water runoff.

When buying commercial and residential landscaping supplies always ensure they meet or exceed BCA standards.

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